THE OC: Taylor Keeps a Blog

In honour of Taylor, my new favourite character on television, I’d like to take a moment to sum up my thoughts on last night’s episode of THE OC (in a similar random thought/ somewhat hyper style that Taylor uses)….

Last night’s episode rocked! Who knew Taylor kept a blog? How much do I want to read her ‘erotic memoirs of a soulful college girl’ blog! The ‘will-they or won’t-they’ chemistry between Ryan and Taylor has completely revitalized the show. It’s nice to see Ryan no longer bitter and angry. He was afterall adopted by the television equivelant of Daddy Warbucks (ANNIE reference, yes, you heard me!).

Summer forgave Che, Seriously!? He got her kicked out of Brown. I have to admit, the long distance thing was adorable and really worked for me. I sort of hope that after the holidays, sorry, Chrismukkah, Seth goes to Brown and Summer stays in Newport. With Kaitlin, Summer and Taylor in one house, THE OC sort of has there own version of Charlie’s Angels (or is it Julie’s Angels). Either way, can we please see some sort of dream sequence in Seth’s mind?

Speaking of Seth, Loved how he tried to fight for Che’s honour. Is Che gone? Did he really just get away with blaming Summer. Do FOX execs not sense a pattern. EVERWOOD Alum equals a great show. Perhaps Jake (Scott Wolf) can move to Newport, now that’s he has moved out of EVERWOOD and his whole hostage crisis on THE NINE is over. [pause, deep breath]

And finally, only Julie Cooper Nicol Roberts could manage to turn a dating service into a Heidi Fleiss-esque prostitution ring. Can’t wait for Sandy to find out what’s going on.

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  • The rumor has it that the blog is probably going to be turned into an online component where fans will be able to read Taylor’s blog, so your wish may come true!