Podcast 30: Ari’s Theories on Kissing

Podcast 30, Ari and Dan talk TV and Life! TV topics include HEROES, STUDIO 60, GILMORE GIRLS and more of your favourites. Life discussion includes Ari’s theories on kissing, how it’s cool when guy’s make the first move, and Ari may (or may not) allude to her mom being a ‘working girl!’ Yup, it’s podcast fun as usual! Feel free to email comments/ suggestions/ praise and criticism to: info@thetvaddict.com

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  • t_dot

    Great podcast But i think its time for a video Podcast!!!

  • Liz

    And I want to see Ari’s living room. Did I miss the post?

  • Liz,

    Thanks for listening to the podcast. As much as I’d like to post a photo of Ari’s Messy Room – she would kill me and there would officially be no more podcast or thetvaddict.com!!!

    That said, when I decide (if ever) to close up shop, My second to last post will include a photo of Ari’s Messy Living Room!