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Hi TV addicts! There are a ton of specials and new episodes on this week, so let’s get right to it, shall we?


Start off your Sunday with Reba on the CW network at 7:30/6:30c. Reba and Van end their real-estate partnership; Barbra Jean auditions to be the new weather girl at a local TV station. Hah. Barbra Jean as a weather girl. Nice!

Then you must watch the Season Finale of The Amazing Race on CBS at 8/7c. The final three teams head for France; one team falls behind on the journey; a 12,000-foot sky-dive causes a rift between team members; contestants struggle to be the first to reach the finish line. Let’s take bets on who wins! Actually, I don’t really care since the blonde bitches are gone! lol I don’t really want ‘Bama to win, since they are there on a lot of luck and a little skill. Out of the other 2 teams, *shrug*.

Then stick around for Cold Case at 9/8c. The reopening of the case of a male singer’s 2000 murder requires Lilly and reluctant Scotty to travel to Knoxville, Tenn., to delve into the country music world. Scotty’s kinda cute, don’tcha think? 😉

Then at 10/9c, turn to ABC for Brothers & Sisters. Sarah, Tommy and Saul make a crucial mistake while trying to retrieve funds to save the family business; Nora overcompensates over the holidays. Is anyone loving this show?

Also on tonight:

  • The Wire *Season Finale*
  • Sleeper Cell *2nd Season Premiere*
  • The Simpsons *18th Season Premiere*
  • NFL Football *Sports*
  • 7th Heaven *New Episode*
  • American Dad *New Episode*
  • Dexter *New Episode*
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition *2 Hour New Episode*
  • Without a Trace *New Episode*
  • America’s Next Top Model *Repeat*
  • Family Guy *2 Repeat Episodes*


Start off your Monday with a laugh and catch How I Met Your Mother‘s Christmas episode on CBS at 8/7c. Harsh words between Ted and Lily nearly ruin the gang’s Christmas. I adore this show. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, why not?? Start now!

At 9/8c, check out the Made for TV Movie The Year Without a Santa Claus on NBC starring John Goodman (LOVE him), Ethan Suplee (Randy from My Name is Earl!), Chris Kattan (Saturday Night Live), Eddie Griffin (Malcolm & Eddie), Carol Kane (Taxi), Michael McKean (Lenny from Laverne Shirley!), Delta Burke & more. Two elves try to save Christmas after disgruntled Saint Nick decides to take the year off. Should be a cute way to spend 2 hours tonight. 🙂

Most definitely though, at 10/9c, watch the 1st of a 3 night miniseries on SciFi called The Lost Room. While investigating a crime scene, detective Joe Miller receives a key that opens all doors into a motel room that seems to exist in a different dimension. You can check out TheTVAddict’s post about this show a few days ago. Hopefully it’ll be good enough and enough people will watch that they will turn it into a series!

Also on tonight:

  • Deal or No Deal *New Episode*
  • All of Us *New Episode*
  • Everybody Hates Chris *New Episode*
  • Girlfriends *New Episode*
  • Sleeper Cell *New Episode*
  • Supernanny *New Episode*
  • The Class *New Episode*
  • The Game *New Episode*
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine *New Episode*
  • Two and a Half Men *New Episode*
  • Watch Over Me *New Episode*
  • What About Brian *New Episode*
  • Wicked Wicked Games *New Episode*
  • House *Repeat*
  • Wife Swap *Repeat*


Start off your Tuesday on NBC at 8/7c with Friday Night Lights. The cheerleaders are the focus of the town’s attention as they prepare for the Championship Classic; Lyla’s affair with Riggins makes her the victim of high-school harassment; coach Taylor tries to keep Matt and Julie apart.

Then turn to FOX for House at 9/8c. House is furious about Wilson striking a deal with Tritter, and at the same time, he tries to diagnose a little person’s serious illness. In my opinion, there has to be more about Wilson flipping on House, so I’m anxious to see. I know spoilers about an ep in the near future having to do with House/Tritter, so I know how it all ends up but…

Also on tonight at 9/8c is the 2nd night of The Lost Room on SciFi. In his quest to save Anna, Joe enters the world of Object seekers, where he finds out more information about the motel room. Let me know what you think of this show in the comments or via email, please!

I wouldn’t normally recommend watching this, but on Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006 on CBS at 10/9c, she includes Patrick Dempsey (MrDreamy!). So how could I not??

Also on tonight:

  • Nip/Tuck *4th Season Finale*
  • Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas: 40th Anniversary Special Edition *Special*
  • The 8th Annual Family Television Awards *Special*
  • Big Day *New Episode*
  • Help Me Help You *New Episode*
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent *New Episode*
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit *New Episode*
  • NCIS *New Episode*
  • Sleeper Cell *New Episode*
  • Standoff *New Episode*
  • The Unit *New Episode*
  • Watch Over Me *New Episode*
  • Wicked Wicked Games *New Episode*


Wednesday is a pretty big night for tv again this week. Start off with the 2-hour season finale of The Biggest Loser on NBC at 8/7c. The final four contestants weigh in one last time for the chance to win $250,000; all 50 contestants return to reveal their newly slim bodies. I’ve seen some of them on the previews and damn they look good!

Also on a 8/7c on FOX, catch a new episode of Bones. Brennan and Booth investigate the case of a mutilated body found on the roof of a federal building; Brennan hears from her long-lost father. Bones hears from her father!! And I hate to say it but last episode’s “guy hug” was NOT a guy hug! Guys don’t hug for more than a couple of seconds and certainly don’t stroke the person’s back with their thumb & hand! w00t!

If you are a fan of America’s Next Top Model, catch the “British Invasion” special tonight. Two hours in which the contestants in the popular U.K. series vie to become a top model.

Finally, watch the final episode of the miniseries The Lost Room on SciFi at 9/8c. I’m writing this before any of it airs, so I’m crossing my fingers it’s as good as I think it’s going to be!

Also on tonight:

  • Criminal Minds *New Episode*
  • CSI: NY *New Episode*
  • Day Break *New Episode*
  • Medium *New Episode*
  • Show Me the Money *New Episode*
  • Sleeper Cell *New Episode*
  • The King of Queens *2 New Episodes*
  • Watch Over Me *New Episode*
  • Wicked Wicked Games *New Episode*
  • Bones *Repeat*


With a lot of repeats on tonight, make it a FOX night! Start off at 8/7c with Til Death. Eddie resolves to prove Joy wrong when they bicker about the toaster. I couldn’t really tell you why, but I adore this show. I love him!

Then at 8:30/7:30c, stay for The War At Home on its new night & time! Dave refuses to take a wine-appreciation course with Vicky, who fears they are in a rut; Hillary offends Dave by not mentioning him in her video blog. Again, I couldn’t tell you why, but… lol This show cracks me up every time.

Ahhh, Chrismukkah. At 9/8c, watch The OC. Ryan and Taylor realize that everything is not as it seems after they have an accident hanging holiday lights. Rylor are so cute together! 😉

If you are a fan of Tate Donovan (Jimmy Cooper from The OC), catch the Made for TV Movie Painkiller Jane on SciFi at 9/8c. A woman develops amazing powers after exposure to a biochemical weapon alters her genetic makeup. Based on the comic series.

Also on tonight:

  • 30 Rock *New Episode*
  • Scrubs *New Episode*
  • Sleeper Cell *New Episode*
  • Survivor *New Episode*
  • The Office *2 New Episodes*
  • Watch Over Me *New Episode*
  • Wicked Wicked Games *New Episode*
  • CSI *Repeat*
  • ER *Repeat*
  • Men in Trees *Repeat*
  • Shark *Repeat*
  • Smallville *Repeat*
  • Grey’s Anatomy *Repeat*
  • Ugly Betty *Repeat*

Friday starts out at 8/7c with a new episode of Justice on FOX. Luther defends a man accused of murdering his landlord. Everyone has GOT to watch this, or it’ll be pulled quicker than you can blink! 🙁

Then turn to SciFi at 9/8c for the Fall Finale of Battlestar Galactica The possible discovery of the Eye of Jupiter on the algae planet leads to a stand off between the Cylons and the humans. And remember, when it comes back, it’ll be on Sunday nights!

Also on tonight:

  • 1 vs 100 *New Episode*
  • Dr Who *New Episode*
  • Close to Home *New Episode*
  • Ghost Whisperer *New Episode*
  • Las Vegas *New Episode*
  • Numb3rs *New Episode*
  • Sleeper Cell *New Episode*
  • Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy *New Episode*
  • Watch Over Me *New Episode*
  • Wicked Wicked Games *New Episode*
  • WWE Friday Night Smackdown *Sports*

On Saturday, don’t miss the next new episode of Sleeper Cell on Showtime. 🙂

Lots more new stuff on this week than last! Very strange, getting this close to Christmas! Have a great week everyone!

— Jenny

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  • Gotta agree with you on Brothers & Sisters… this is without doubt one of my new favorites, and I never, ever miss it. I was skeptical at first, given some of the bad reviews it got before debuting, but the last-minute retooling they did really seemed to do the trick.

  • I’m assuming you weren’t being sarcastic about Brothers and Sisters. While it’s still not exactly the “best” show around, I find I cannot WAIT to watch it week after week and its perfect fit to end the weekend on Sunday nights. Plus, with the retooling, it is getting better and better but either way, I just find it some fun to watch!

  • Jenny

    No no, I wasn’t being sarcastic at all. I don’t personally watch the show but I know several people who absolutely love it. 🙂