After two weeks on hiatus, it was so nice to have BROTHERS & SISTERS back on the air. Last night was the obligatory holiday episode, and I use the word ‘holiday’ instead of ‘Christmas’ because it turns out that the Walker family is half Jewish. Apparently, the Cohen’s [THE OC] aren’t the only television family to celebrate Chrismukkah this year. Nora Walker is indeed Jewish and last night Chanukah made its return to TV with a vengeance (Ron Rifkin on the show definitely should have tipped me off!). So in the spirit of the holiday season, here’s a few things that I’m happy for with regards to BROTHERS & SISTERS.

Nora Walker: Sally Field delivered yet another brilliant performance last night as she finally forgave Holly for her relationship with William. It was great that she has realized that William loved two women in his life. I look forward to the show further integrating the two side of the family together.

TV Shout-outs: When Kitty was being offered a new job at the ‘Red White & Blue’ Christmas party, did anyone else notice the network that her boss mentioned? NBS, which in case you’re wondering, is the same network STUDIO 60 is on! Love those little shout-outs within the TV universe.

Sarah Walker: While her devotion to her father is commendable, I’m far more excited to see sparks fly at Ohai Foods now that Holly is going to be a shareholder.

Greg Berlanti: I shudder to think what BROTHERS & SISTERS would be without him. With EVERWOOD gone, it’s nice to know that there is still one show on the air that we can count on for entertaining, thought provoking and emotional family drama.

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  • mg714

    I totally agree about Brothers & Sisters. It’s one of my new favorite shows. Sally Field is great in it and I’m so glad that Greg Berlanti is involved. Without a doubt he’s a major factor in why this drama is so entertaining, the way Everwood was. The only thing that could make it better is to have Emily Van Camp join the show as Rebecca! 🙂

  • I also caught the NBS mention. It was very strange considering the B&S and S60otSS are on different networks. I thought I was imagining things.

  • ditto about the Emily Van Camp comment. BRING HER ON!!!

    Greg Berlanti has totally saved this show. What a difference between now and those first 3 episodes.

  • Sabrina

    I want to like this show, since I love Sally Field and am thrilled that both Rob Lowe and Greg Berlanti are now on board, but it’s just not working for me. I liked the previous two episodes (the road trip was a riot), but this episode hit rock-bottom I despise the adultery storyline and Holly is a world-class bitchy hypocrite. Knowingingly having an affair with a married man for years and helping him lie and cheat his family shouldn’t give you any pity points or allow you to force yourself into their life. And not even Sally’s performance can make me buy Nora’s forgiveness. The only highlight of this episode was Rachel Griffith’s character.