AFI’S Best of Television 2006

It’s that time of the year again, endless BEST OF lists. Below is The American Film Institute’s (AFI) selections for the best television of 2006 (I’ve noted the TV Addict’s favourites in bold).





Thanks to GMMR for the Tip!

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  • Mike K.

    whoa, where is Veronica Mars?!? some of these are my personal faves too, but no VM and no Brothers and Sisters….no way.

  • So glad to see Friday Night Lights!!! (And BSG and 24, of course!!)

  • seat42f

    I think they did a really good job with the list… well I guess I would have put Studio 60 in South Parks place but it’s still an impressive list……

    I will admit I have not seen two seconds of ELIZABETH I…… but hear good things

  • T. Paul

    Grey’s Anatomy certainly has earned a place on the list from the Superbowl thriller to the amazing 2nd season finale. It also would have been nice to see The Shield’s shocking and intense 5th season make it in place of has-been West Wing and even the slow-starter (though I love it) Heroes.

  • It’s odd to see The West Wing on the list since it’s done. I can only assume that this list goes by the normal calendar year and not by the TV season year, since West Wing was still on in the 1st half of 2006.

    What angle does the AFI list take? In other words, what are their criteria & judging method? Is it based on overall quality or a certain aspect, or do they try to take at least one show from each genre? Is it voted on by some kind of committee or a larger group within the TV industry?

  • Um, why is Friday Night Lights not in bold? I thought this was TV addict. Why isn’t the TV addict watching the best new show this season?

  • Vance, I just haven’t had a chance to watch any FNL past the first 3 episodes. I’ll definitely be catching up with it on DVD though – everyone says it’s great.

    I too am surprised GREY’S ANATOMY was left off the list, but happy THE WEST WING got a final nod. The show had a great final season.