For weeks, the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA community has been abuzz about this weekend’s episode entitled “The Passage”. The source of the hype was due to the fact that this was to be the first episode written by fanboy favourite Jane Espenson (Mrs. Espenson has been responsible for some truly fantastic episodes of FIREFLY, ANGEL, BUFFY, STAR TREK DS9 and more). Perhaps it was because I expected too much, or I bought into the hype, but truth be told, I really didn’t enjoy “The Passage.” It was almost as if the episode was trying too hard to replicate the success of earlier episodes such as “Water” and “33”. I didn’t buy that Galactica wouldn’t find food [and in the end I knew they would], so in the end there was essentially no suspense. Let’s hope next week’s fall finale puts the show back on track for the second half of the season. With the return of the Cylons I have no doubt it will.

This weekend’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE was hosted by Annette Bening. I know what you’re thinking, “What exactly is funny about Annette Bening?” or “She’s still acting?” Well apparently she is, but unfortunately for the audience, the only monologue joke the writers could come up with was in reference to Mrs. Bening’s hit movie AMERICAN BEAUTY. A movie that was released EIGHT years ago. Way to be topical SNL! That noise you just heard — me switching my PVR to season’s pass MAD TV.

And finally, one more reason to love FIREFLY and VERONICA MARS’ MICHAEL MUHNEY. This weekend, a FIREFLY convention called “Flanvention” was abruptly cancelled by the company that organized it. Not wanting to disappoint fans, actors from FIREFLY including Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Mark Sheppard, Jonathan Woodward, Christina Hendricks and Adam Baldwin as well as VERONICA MARS’ Michael Muhney turned up anyways to spend time with the fans. Now that my friends is classy. You can check out photos here and here.

  • I actually felt that “The Passage” was an improvement over the last few weeks of BSG. Granted, they were bound to get to the food, but they did pay a price along the way. One of their best pilots died, and they lost several ships (no doubt dampening an already low morale). Seeing how bad the radiation did physical damage to the Raptors and Galactica itself shows the severity of the situation and just how desperate they were for the food. There was definitely plenty at stake.

    A little more disappointing was how cryptic and unsatisfying the Cylon subplot was (wetting our appetitie for answers to the mystery of the other five Cyclon models but not answering any questions about it) and the fact that the problems with Starbuck & Apollo’s respective marriages weren’t re-addressed after last week’s awkward hugging moment at the end of the boxing match.

  • I sometimes think it’s a bad thing to heap too much praise on a single episode of a series as opposed to the series as a whole. Some form of backlash is inevitable. I have no doubt that all the “OH MY GOD, THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE OF STUDIO 60 EVER!” hype about the Christmas episode caused me to go into that one with such raised expectations that there was no way it could do anything but disappoint. (Yes, I’m still beating that tired horse.) The same held true for the finale of FASHION HOUSE… they hyped and hyped the “surprise you’ll never see coming” to the point that anyone who’d figured out that Maria wasn’t dead (which was, um, everyone) couldn’t help but be disappointed in the final moments.

  • I totally agree about the Studio 60 Christmas episode. I was not as impressed as others. The previews I read about it might have caused me to expect too much out of it, but I’m not sure I would have been impressed even without the pre-delivered hype. It was still a good episode but just not *that* good.

    As far as BSG, which episode do you feel got the excessive positive hype? Was it the boxing episode? I feel BSG was at its best at the beginning of the season, during the rebellion against the occupation.