DEXTER: So Many Questions!

[Spoiler Alert] Even though we all knew it was coming, it was still thrilling to watch Deb finally fall victim to Rudy, better known to the Miami Police Department as the Ice-Truck Killer. That classic ‘Usual Suspects’ montage as Dexter finally puts all the pieces together, realizing what we as viewers have known for weeks, that Rudy is indeed the Ice-Truck Killer. What an episode!

Needless to say, I can’t wait for next week’s season finale. So many questions remain. Will we find out why the Ice-Truck Killer has been stalking Dexter? What is their connection and what is Rudy’s motive? What really happened on October 3, 1973? Will Deb escape from the ITK’s clutches? Will Lt. LaGuerta survive her demotion and all the office politics? Will Sgt. Doakes discover the truth about Dexter? Will Rita and Dexter work things out? I could go on, with my theories, but frankly I’d just embarass myself when you all realize how wrong my predictions were. So please, take the plunge, post away with your predictions for Sunday’s finale (or Monday if you’re in Canada!)

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  • Fredrik

    We will discover Rudy is Dexter’s brother and he also was witnessing their mothers murder.
    Deb will finally be rescued by Dexter at the end, and of course Dex and Rita will work things out. 🙂

  • Fredrik, My first theory was of course that Dexter and Rudy are brothers. But with a show like DEXTER, that has continually surprised me at every turn – isn’t that too obvious a conclusion?

  • Spoil much?

  • Criticism Noted.

  • JennyC

    I think Dexter will discover that his mother was murdered by Harry and that Rudy was the son of one of the other victims. It may be a far-fetched idea, but this show is out there.

  • Fredrik

    thetvaddict, i thought it was too obvious with Rudy being the ITK, so I think they are brothers. Specially after Rudy told Dex he had this horror visions too about his mother. He told his mother was hit by a truck, but he couldnt tell the truth now could he. 😛

  • BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH There’s more ? WOOHOOOO!!!! I thought this mondays episode was the cliffhanger. Great news

  • Dave, Good thing you read! You would have missed a great finale!

  • Sylver


    Rudy actually told TWO different versions of what happened to his mother, and they were not both workable. 🙂

    All I can say, guys, is READ THE BOOK! hehehe!!! I can’t wait for Sunday, either, though, because quite a few things on the show are different from the novel, but many things are just the same, but more in-depth. It makes great background reading, and helps with the wait between episodes!

    And don’t forget, DARKLY DREAMING DEXTER has a sequel, DEARLY DEVOTED DEXTER. 😀

  • Dear Sylver,

    Thank you for your post. Without ruining anything for me, as I’m so psyched for Sunday’s finale! (or rather Monday because I’m in Canada)…. Is season one of Dexter the complete first book? Ie. have all the stories been parts of the book, or have mysteries been different. Are we to assume that book 2 will be season 2 and book 3 season 3 etc…. As I’m definitely not going to read the books first, I’ll read them after each season.

    Thanks for any info you can provide. I’ve ordered the book from amazon, but am not going to open it until after the finale!

  • Did you guys see the end? It looked like Rudy was about to kill Dexter. Watch the preview of it on showtime. He has a red shirt on before and he has a guy on the table covered up in clear plastic. Dex is also starting to feel emotion more than ever. And suprisingly a fear of blood. I also think Deb’s Captain has a thing for her. Didn’t you see the way he acted when Rudy called her? Jelious. I really hope Dexter survives and they make a Season 2!!!

  • seat42f

    Watched the finale earlier this afternoon… NO SPOILERS… but I thought it was brilliant…. flip on showtime, turn off the lights and let the last 6 minutes rock you Dexter style…. it’s fabulous!!!!!!!!

  • 1 Hot EMT

    I go with a lot of others…Rudy and Dexter are brothers and Harry was a bad cop back in the 70’s and that is why the file was destroyed to leave no evidence however it ends Dexter is one heck of a series and it keeps you on the edge your seet weekly I look fwd to atleast one more season of Dexter.

  • Barbara

    I don’t think Harry killed Dexter’s mother. Why would he have had enough of a relationship with Dexter’s father to ask him for blood when Dexter had an accident? Also, since I tivo the episodes, I froze every frame of the memory in Seeing Red. The face of the murderer is shown. He is a burly man with a pony tail and a beard. Might have been Dexter’s father when he was younger, but who knows. Definitely not Harry.

    I think Rudy might be the son of one of the other victims. If you look at the picture of the 4 small-time criminals in that October 3, 1973 article, the man next to Dexter’s mother had dark hair. Maybe that was Rudy’s father, and Rudy was a witness to that murder, too.

    I am just wondering why Rudy wants to kill Dexter. I do not know how I’m going to wait until Sunday at 9:00 pm to find out.

  • RenieLM#3

    ummm you watched the finale? no way how did you do that? I am freaking out, not about what is going to happen, but if there is going to be a season 2.. that is all I care about

  • Barbara

    I also want to mention what a glorious actor Christian Camargo is. He plays Rudy. I think he’s stealing the series.

    He’s the son of a soap opera actress who changed her name from Camargo to Victoria Wyndham. He is also a graduate of Juilliard, just like Jennifer Carpenter, and he went to England to do Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre. He has also done several Shakespeare productions in New York including a starring role in Corialanus, earned raves as Kit Marlowe on Broadway, and co-owns a car refurbishing business, Fast Ashleys.

    There are a number of actors of Spanish descent — Angel, Lt. La Guerta, Angel’s wife. Christian is of Mexican descent, but he seems to have lost his Spanishness for Shakespeare.

  • Elise

    There is going to be a second series according to Showtime. It will air in the spring. I don’t think that I have EVER loved a show like this one. The sopranos can go fly a kite!

  • Gale

    The second season will not air until fall 2007. They will begin taping in Spring of 2007. Great Show!

  • Richard

    A few unanswered questions Rudy knew about the lozenges wrap as on of the only leads to the ITK how did he know that?? also how did he know about Dexter’s father?? How did he know about the way Dexter’s mom died?? maybe there might a link between Rudy and the police department like the captain or the lady from record department hey she said the 10/3/73 records were destroyed but somehow Rudy got to them. i can’t wait for sunday to find out these answers better yet maybe they wont answer them all and leave some for next season.

  • Boogie

    Ok, what if Rudy is also the child of one of those murdered on 10-3 and he is after Dex because Harry adopted Dex. Maybe he went though horrible foster family experiences, etc. and is jealous. Or, perhaps his father was the murderer and he wants to finish off what his old man didn’t????? I can’t wait for Sunday!

  • Glyn

    Remember when Dexter went to the flea market? Something odd, and I forget now what was said by the guy that was selling the knives. My thoughts back then were that he was the ITK. Let’s see, who the ITK turns out to be. 🙂

  • richard

    The Good the bad and the ugly
    the Good, today we see what the outcome is going to be
    The Bad, if you thought waiting one week to see the final episode was bad try waiting a year to see next season
    The Ugly, watch the last episode you’ll see the ugly

  • Mandi

    I watched the season finale last night and I have to say that it was the greatest thing I have ever seen on TV. I usually don’t let myself get wrapped up in a TV series like that b/c of the suspense…but looking forward to Dexter is great. I won’t say what happened for those of you who missed it..but the guy who said that the last 6 minutes were fantastic was right on!!!!!!

  • Dexter is fascinating! Waiting for next season is going to be very hard. I think there is a lot more about Dexter’s past to be learned. Can’t say all I want to, for fear of ruining the finale for those who haven’t seen it. It is really good-I cried! Can’t wait to read the books. Thanks to Sylver for telling about the sequel!