THE OFFICE: A Pam Beesley Christmas

Even though the Scranton and the Stamford branch have merged, this TV Addict still feels as though THE OFFICE is divided into two separate factions. In the case of last night’s Christmas episode, entitled “A Benihana Christmas”, we had the obligatory ‘Michael Scott’ story as well as the far funnier storyline about the rival office parties.

This being Christmas, I’ll start with the naughty. The ‘Michael Scott’ story just wasn’t that funny. How many more times can we watch Michael completely humiliate himself in front of his co-workers? Sure the thirty second iTunes clip playing over and over was really funny (“I don’t have to buy it, I just want a taste. I just want a little.. a little taste.”), as well as the fact Michael seems to think ‘Sandals’ is an actual city in Jamaica, but Photoshopping yourself into your girlfriends previous family photos, as Carol herself put it, “so weird”

Moving on to the nice, “A Benihana Christmas” really should have been renamed “A Pam Christmas” — as Ms. Beesly completely stole the show. Her teaming up with Karen to squash Angela’s ‘Nutcracker Christmas’ was adorable. Her Christmas gift to Jim, brilliant as usual. And the fact she gave her Dunder Mifflin bathrobe to Toby, I think a tear may have run down my cheek.

Overall, phenomenal episode as usual. But this TV Addict’s OFFICE related wish for the holiday season is to tone down the stupidity of Michael and Dwight. Yes it’s TV, but people should not be that clueless.

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  • Common Sense

    LOVED The Office. And actually stayed around for Scrubs, which I must admit, is pretty darn funny. The pacing keeps it fresh. So many choice moments on The Office. Suffice to say, if people aren’t watching this (and, instead, prefer the drech FOX serves up), they are mindless boobs.

  • Janice 1997

    I love that Dwight and Angela’s pet names for each other are monkey and possum. Something about that seems so right. Also randomly hilarious (as are the most funny scenes in the office) was Kelly hanging a candy cane off of Ryan’s nose. And the whole office singing Alanis? AWESOME. I love this show!

  • Loved the Canadian Content with Alanis!

  • As usual, I agree with most of what you’ve said. Of late, I find Michael to be the least interesting character because… well, he’s just TOO much. And I’ve always said that a little Dwight goes a long way. But having Karen and Pam bond? Genius. The moment when they actually created tension about which party stanley would go to before the commercial break? Genius. This is a show that truly is an ensemble work, and the more they let all the secondary characters interact and play, the more I love it. For example, I’d rather see more Toby, who is so wonderfully downtrodden, and less Dwight or Michael (although I thought the Dwight level in this episode was just about right). I like the more “everyone can relate to that” moments of the Office, as opposed to the rather over-the-top stuff we tend to get with Michael and Dwight.