Battlestar Galactica: We Waited All Fall For This?

Holy set-up Batman! Sorry, wrong show…. What the Frack?

Was anyone else incredibly disappointed with last night’s ‘fall finale’ of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA? Didn’t we essentially see the exact same ending last season as Adama and Admiral Kain ended off the first half of the season with guns pointed at each other. Hmm…. is Adama REALLY going to Nuke the planet! The Eye of the Beholder! The path to Earth! And his son!? Probably not. Was this episode just a giant ramp-up to the second half of the season, most definitely! Thankfully we’ll only have to wait until January 21 for the conclusion — or for something to actually happen — rather than another six months for the outcome.

Okay, perhap’s I’m a bit too bitter. Truth be told, I did watch this episode at 2am after a very VERY long night. So here are a few things I enjoyed about the episode:

Sharon finally learning her daughter Hera is alive (we’ve waited how long for this?). The Roslin/Adama relationship, as Adama discovered she lied to him about Hera. Roslin’s look when Adama decided to nuke the planet. The fact that Caprica feels betrayed by Baltar and Number 3 (how will she exact her revenge?), and Tyrol’s emotion as he discovered the Temple (his look of reverence was fantastic).

And just because I can, a final negative. This isn’t BATTLESTAR CREEK. Can we please lost the incessant relationship angst. If Dualla ends up having Tom Cruise’s next baby, I’m officially off the BATTLESTAR BANDWAGON.

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  • InvaderSteven

    I’d been considering dropping BSG for several episodes. This locked it for me. In a world where I watch far, far, far too much television, this one doesn’t make me want to keep it on the ol’ TiVo.

  • Charlie

    You write this same “disappointed” review abotu every show now. I’m sorry, but are you sure you really love tv?

  • Yes I do indeed Love TV. I just have high expectations for shows that are hyped for weeks on end. This season, I’ve found certain episodes of LOST, VERONICA MARS and BSG quite disappointing. For some TV LOVE, check out my endless ramblings on SCRUBS, DEXTER, GREY’S ANATOMY, THE OFFICE, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, BROTHERS & SISTERS etc….

  • I agree that this was not a huge cliffhanger of an episode, but it does not need to be. Isn’t it coming back in January? That’s not a huge hiatus, like I believe they took last year. Ending new episodes in mid-December and returning in mid-January is fairly normal for most TV shows. I thought this was a decent episode on it’s merit but not a great cliffhanger, but considering the relatively short wait until new episodes, I don’t think the cliffhaning aspect is that important.

    I also liked that secrets got revealed regarding Hera, but I have mixed feelings about the Sam/Kara/Lee/Dualla love trapezoid. I can’t help but think that there’s a connection between the Temple of Five religion and the fact that there are five secret models of Cylons. Maybe that’s a no-brainer of an observation, but there again, the double use of the number five could be a red herring.

  • Drax

    I agree this was a disappointing episode in what’s been a lacklustre season so far. To be honest this is still on my “must see” radar only because of the considerable goodwill it generated in its first two seasons. I really hope things pick up again in the New Year and we see a return to former glories.

  • Nikkadaem

    I was a major skeptic of this new version of BSG. In fact, I didn’t watch any of the first season. Now, I have to say that I am hooked. I actually like the relationship aspects. It humanizes the characters. Now I do make this statement with the caveat that you can only go so far. When does it become just another gussied up soap opera; granted the acting is extraordinarily better. I have to admit that I am very impressed with Tyrol’s acting this past episode. His facial expressions were superb.

    This episode was not as good as the season premier though. A buddy of mine was thrown into a loop with the social parallels and cords that it struck by taking the view of an “insurgency”/”resistance” against an occupying force and a puppet government.

    I will continue to watch. It’s got a permanent listing on my DVR.