More Bests (and worsts) of 2006

Today, the Broadcast & Cable Critics released their bests (and worsts) of 2006. All told, 67 TV critics took part in their poll. Stay tuned all this week for’s year in review.

Best Overall Program:
The Wire (15%)
Heroes (12%)
24 (9%)

Best Comedy:
The Office (32%)
Ugly Betty (18%)
My Name Is Earl (11%)

Best Drama:
The Wire (16%)
Lost (9%)
24, Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy (tie, 7%)

Best Reality:
The Amazing Race (27%)
Project Runway (16%)
American Idol (12%)

Worst Program:
Happy Hour (15%)
Twenty Good Years (10%)
Deal Or No Deal (6%)

Most Memorable TV Moment:
Couric’s debut as anchor of CBS Evening News and
Fox cancels O.J. Simpson’s If I Did It (tie, 7%)
Jim and Pam make out on The Office (4%)

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  • So, Lost is chosen as a better drama then 24, but 24 is a better overal program. And Heroes isn’t in the top5 of dramas but is the second best overal program. I wonder what heroes has wich can be cataloged as overal and not drama.
    Hmm, opions can be so strange… and rediculous.