• Sam

    Funny and scary at the same time. Man I hope no one cancels VM. Nice dig at the sucky Emmys too. Great job!

  • Jenny

    Hey, I like Til Death! 😛 😉

  • Geri

    VM has to stay on air…The CW needs at least one critical acclaimed show now that GG has jumped the shark.

    Plus VM is finally on iTunes and there will be an official online stream soon…come on Veronica, you can do it;)

  • Great, as always. I’d say that The CW has so many bigger problems on their schedule that they won’t touch Veronica. For example, remember last season, when everyone was buzzing about Everybody Hates Chris? When’s the last time you heard anyone even MENTION that show? Meanwhile, QUICK, tell me what’s on The CW Monday night. How about Thursday? Yeah, like I said, they’ve got way bigger problems…

  • Common Sense

    Forgot Everwood on that list. Maybe Santa’s last name is Ostroff.

    Another genius installment.

  • Common Sense – I can’t believe I forgot EVERWOOD! I really meant to put it on, but I guess as I was doing it I forgot. It was definitely meant to be there! Dawn Ostroff, we’ll never forget.