THE APPRENTICE Canada? Donald Trump Previews the New Season

With the new season of THE APPRENTICE just around the corner, the TV Addict had the opportunity to ask a question of the man himself, Mr. Donald Trump. With THE APPRENTICE season six taking place in Los Angeles, will the show now be changing cities with each new season? And being situated in Toronto Canada myself, is there any chance we’ll see the show move to Toronto for an episode? [TRUMP currently has a major development being built in downtown Toronto].

Donald Trump: We’re definitely looking at moving the show in future seasons, and Toronto is a possibility. Other cities we’re considering are Miami, Chicago and Las Vegas.

What other scoop did theTVaddict gather from the conference call with Mr. Trump….

With the show taking place in Los Angeles, expect a lot of Hollywood tie-ins.

The winning project manager will get immunity from being fired the following week.

At the request of the network, the show will go with a few fewer product placements, in terms of the marketing tie-ins. Expect some episodes to have the first season feel of selling lemonade.

Trump misses Carolyn, but thought that it was time to bring in fresh faces. Trump’s daughter Ivanka will be playing a more prominent role on the show.

And finally, an APPRENTICE REUNION is in the works and will most likely take the form of a two hour reunion show. According to The Donald, an ‘All-Star’ APPRENTICE wouldn’t really work throughout an entire season [of 15 episodes] because the contestants know each other too well.

The sixth season of THE APPRENTICE premieres with a 90 minute special on January 7, 2006.

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  • I can’t see NBC letting Donald do a season in Canada, frankly. It’s too “American” a franchise, and I think they’d take a lot of crap for it. As for Carolyn… yeah, he misses her… like a hole in the head. Carolyn got too big for her britches and Donald had to slam her back into her place. I have to admit, however, I really like Ivanka… and I love saying “the network” wanted fewer product placements. As if! Given how much the networks make off that kind of thing, I highly doubt it. Product placement is king in television these days… I’d be interested to know the real story there. I suspect we’ll see just as many product placements, perhaps just handled in a slightly more discrete way.

  • Common Sense

    I can’t stomach The Apprentice or Trump’s ego for a minute. In fact, just today someone at work commented how his wives/girlfriends certainly haven’t been with him because of his “looks” or “personality.” Can’t wait to see his re-invigorated show limp home behind 7th Heaven in the ratings. (A guy can dream, can’t he?) 🙂

  • Mee Len

    Mee Len says:

    As an entrepreneur myself, I can see The Apprentice Canada taking place at least towards end of this year. I like Donald Trump usual way of saying, “You are fired!” He has a great leadership and will continue to do so. Don’t forget to include/invite me as a Canadian contestant in the near future. All the best to the contestants in America!