STUDIO 69? Huh

Sketches like this make me wonder why I’m always PVRing SNL over MADTV. Check out MADTV’s Parody of STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP. And in case you’re watchig this in a public area, say your office, turn down the volume as there’s some pretty ‘adult’ language!

And proving yet again great minds think alike, hop on over to Give Me My Remote for more funny MAD TV takes on your favourite shows.

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  • August

    Definitely very funny! Had to turn my speakers down at work a few times though!

  • August, I’ll add a warning! Don’t want anyone to get in trouble when they should be working!

  • Cee

    He nails Mathew Perry here. This is too funny. He also nails Sorkins dialogue also.

  • it’s so much fun to make fun of great shows. thanks for the GMMR link. the gilmore girls, house and grey’s anatomy spoofs were hilarious!