Great News for DEXTER Fans!

Monday’s season finale of DEXTER was the most-watched original series telecast that Showtime has aired in almost two years. According to

The finale drew an audience of 1.1 million people, which Showtime says is the biggest for an original series since 2004, when Nielsen started separating the channel’s ratings from Showtime Plex, the package of Showtime channels offered by most cable and satellite systems.

Showtime is notoriously circumspect about revealing its ratings numbers, but since the heyday of “Queer As Folk” it’s been rare that a series has topped a million viewers. And considering Showtime has fewer than 20 million subscribers, a million viewers is a pretty solid performance.

The ratings for the finale are also significantly better than those for the show’s October premiere, which drew slightly more than 600,000 viewers.

Showtime has already renewed DEXTER for a second season, with production scheduled to begin in the spring.

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  • It’s quickly becoming obvious that Showtime is the new HBO. Remember when HBO had great shows airing regularly, like Sex & The City, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under? Now, Showtime’s got Master of Horrors (which, granted, hasn’t been so great this season), Weeds, Dexter while HBO has endless periods without Sopranos. The only HBO show I can think of that excites me is Rome, which will begin airing new episodes in another couple weeks…

  • Steve

    A sigh of relief…
    I spent the last couple hours floating around the world wide web in the hopes of an answer to a question.
    Will there be a second season?
    Your article has saved me from many endless nights of solo debates.
    Dexter has been an exciting addition to my t.v line up, which at the end of the season was leaving me in a horrifying limbo of pain. Now that i know it will be returning in 2007 the wait begins.
    Looking back on the season I realized why I found it so enthralling, Dexter was a super hero.
    Dexter spent his time Fighting crime, while struggling to maintain his secret identity.
    I don’t know about anyone else but I spent the entire finale hoping he would confess the “Harry Code”‘ to Deb.

    The greatest part of a super hero tale is the conflict between good and evil, and the revealing of the hero’s secret identity.

    If anyone ever wants to discuss DEXTER or tell me about another great show feel free to email me…