Rosie vs. Trump: Round 1

Who’d ever thought I’d be talking about THE VIEW so much this year, ceratainly not I. But thanks to ROSIE, there’s always something newsworthy (be it good or bad) coming out of Rosie’s mouth. This week’s controversy revolves around Rosie and Donald Trump. On Wednesday’s ‘Hot Topics’ segment, Rosie had some choice words for ‘The Donald’, calling him a “Snake-oil salesman” following his announcement that he would not fire troubled Miss USA Tara Conner.

After hearing about her comments, Trump fired back on TheInsider. For someone who’s generally quite media savvy, I’m quite shocked as to how brutally honest Trump is in this interview. Check out the video below.

In case you’re wondering, this TV Addict is 100% on ‘Team Rosie’. With the amount of good Rosie brings to the world with her ‘For All Kids Foundation’, Rosie’s earned the right to say whatever she wants. And in case you’re wondering, Yes, my ‘Team Rosie’ t-shirt is now available in Swag Shop!

[Update 2:18PM] It didn’t take long did it! You can show your Love and Support for Rosie by checking out the newest addition to Swag Shop

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  • Sam

    Wow, the Donalds got a mouth on him. I don’t really like Rosie but I’d be on her ‘team’ too after that verbal assualt!

  • I’m for Trump on this one. Rosie has to stop going around and attacking everyone in Hollywood. Shes rather annoying for the most part too, and is incredibly over dramatic, and her time in Hollywood is coming to an end. I will admit that she is good when it comes to bringing up the show’s ratings.

    And at Sam;
    Well… She started it.

  • Sean, I can’t believe you’re on Trump’s side. Did you not watch that video???

    Rosie is opinionated, she didn’t personally call Trump Fat, attack his wife. He made if far too personal.

  • Common Sense

    Nothing personal, Donald, but you’re a bloated, hideous, arrogant oaf (and that’s being so kind). Hope you know that NONE of the women you’ve ever been with were there for YOU….it’s all about the $$$, fella. They probably gouged out their eyes and ears before Date #1.

    Bet you’re pretty sore, Donny, that Rosie brought all of that ugly BANKRUPTCY stuff to the forefront again, eh? Ha ha ha. You are a laughingstock, and a pathetic businessman, to boot. Just run up all that debt…then let the average American PAY for it, when you legally cry “UNCLE!” What a loser. A classless jerk and insult to all manhood. And that rat’s nest on your chrome-dome is friggin’ obscene. Hey Trump, you know that piehole on the front of your face? SHUT IT. PERMANENTLY.

    On another note, The Office xmas party is just as good tonight as it was last week. Michael’s rant about his “Ho”…and “One day she’s not your Ho no mo” is priceless. And Kelly balancing a spoon on Ryan’s nose—genius.

  • Janice 1997

    Team Rosie all the way………The Donald lost the support of The Janice 1997 when he started a war with Martha Stewart. This does not help. He is so full of himself!

    Also, Common Sense – I agree – when Kelly was balancing the spoon (I thought candy cane?) on Ryan’s nose I was laughing my head off!

  • Yeah, I’m for Trump too. I know he’s no better than her and calling someone unattractive is crazy coming from a guy with hair like that. But I love watching someone actually look into a camera and unload on someone like that. Awesome stuff. Plus, the guy basically bought a beauty pageant as an excuse to bang hot, young women. And I gotta respect that.

    I think both of them are near the top of the list of huge-egoed, blow-hardy, windbags. However, it’s always fun to watch two people you dislike beat the crap out of each other. And I really love the fact that Trump didn’t hold back one bit when he fired back on her.

  • tcgc

    There is no team rosie and no team donald. We are all being fooled by a carefully planned public relations strategy. I think the world could do without the both of them. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that kind of world…awwww.

  • I’ll agree with tcgc. This is good for ‘The View’, and gives hype to ‘The Apprentice’ when it launches. Its all kind of sad actually.

  • ||—TheTVAddictAddict—||

    just another example of the media machine in its most efficient form. The View gets way more publicity as does the new season of The Apprentice. I love it. Trump knows how good of a business move this is.

  • Dear TheTVAddictAddict — please tell me you’re not on ‘Team Trump’

  • mortgagr

    Lovely. Made my day (which is saying something)