Tune into THE OC Tonight — While You Still Can!

Just thought I’d remind everyone that in the midst of all these winter reruns (reruns make theTVaddict sad!), THE OC is all new tonight. On tonight’s episode Ryan and Taylor’s road trip to Vegas takes a surprising turn after Seth and Summer decide to tag along.

If you’re one of the millions of fans who’ve dropped THE OC this season A.M. (after Marissa), this TV Addict hopes you’ll tune in tonight and give the show another chance. It’s been a really great year, and if more viewers don’t tune in, we can pretty much say goodbye to our favourite denizens of Newport.

In fact, the TV Addict has learned, from a source currently working on the film JUMPER, that Rachel Bilson (Summer) has pretty much been told that this will be the final season of THE OC.

Obviously, the only thing that networks respond to is ratings, so the only way to change FOX’s mind is to start showing THE OC some ratings love!

(Rachel is currently in Toronto shooting JUMPER until mid-January).

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  • Frank

    Thats a shame, The OC has been great this season- its funny again!

    LAst season was depressing and boring, the best thing to come out of it was the Marissa getting the axe. She was one of those characters (like Lana on Smallville) who just sucked the enjoyment out of every scene. I dont knowwhy people liked her so much.

  • Jenny

    I’m right there with you Frank. heh I actually quit watching last season about 1/4 of the way in cause I was so sick of the Marissa drama. I’m loving it again this season. 🙂

  • I just watched tonight’s episode (unfortunately, that doesn’t help, since I don’t have a Neilsen’s box). It was pretty good. I usually don’t regret reading spoilers, but I wish I hadn’t read the one that took the surprise out of the last two seconds of the episode. I wish the show could at least make it to a fifth season before ending. I hate how the Marissa character dragged the whole series down to the point that even her death may not solve things.