New Years in THE OC

Seth and Summer getting married? Either the show’s writers are punishing actors Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody for their off-set romance (or showmance), or they know as well us we do that THE OC is on its last legs.

That said, I really enjoyed last night’s New Years-themed episode, and was in fact thrilled that Seth and Summer are not having a baby. Between the three babies on SCRUBS and the incessant baby talk on BROTHERS & SISTERS, GILMORE GIRLS and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, I’m quite frankly have as much baby talk as I can handle.

Is it strange that in just five episodes, the Ryan/Taylor relationship seems so much more entertaining then the somewhat stale Seth/Summer relationship? Sure the ‘high five’ on Seth’s part when he thought the baby was Taylor’s was pretty damn funny. But in reality, Seth is far too much of a child to even contemplate fatherhood. He can barely manage to get his own life together.

Moving on to Kaitlin. Can someone please explain to me how this girl has no friends and has to hang out with her mother’s quasi-boyfriend ‘Bullet’ on New Years Eve? Let me say this (and yes this may sound a tad stereotypical), in high school, if you’re a girl, and you look like Kaitlin — you automatically have friends. That’s just how high school works!

And finally, the big shocking finale! Which sadly, thanks to my high ranking placement in the hallways of television studios — I knew was coming. Ryan’s dad mysteriously showing up will make an interesting story when the series returns in two weeks. It was after-all, time to shake up Ryan’s life considering he seemed to be actually happy for a mere two episodes. I wonder what Mr. Frank Atwood (aka. Frank Perry) needs from Ryan? Let’s hope it’s a relationship, and not money. Lord knows Ryan deserves some happiness for once.

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  • Sam

    Last night’s episode was probably the worst one of this season (felt to random and jumbled), yet still was better than anything from last season.

    I’m with you tvaddict, I really hope Ryan’s dad is there for him and not something else. It’s bad enough his brother and mom were train wrecks when they showed up.