Why I Love Rosie

Here’s why ROSIE simply rocks (yes, you heard me Mr. Trump!). This morning on THE VIEW Rosie brought on a young girl named Stephanie to talk about how she deals with having Cystic Fibrosis. At the end of the conversation, Rosie asked Stephanie what her favourite musical was. Apparently, they bonded over their mutual love of musical theatre, specifically RENT. Rosie asks Stephanie to start singing “500,250,600 minutes…” and anyone who’s watched even a few minutes of ROSIE or THE VIEW knew where this was going. By the second chorus, the entire cast of RENT comes on stage, and sings along with Stephanie (who of course was completely shocked and amazed). It was a beautiful moment, and yet another reason why Rosie is awesome. Check out the clip below.

For more information on Cystic Fibrosis, and how you can help, please visit http://www.cff.org/

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  • Common Sense

    Rosie has a big heart and loads of talent. Two things the boorish bankruptcy king, Donald, can’t even comprehend. For Don, it’s all about “Me, me, ME!” Does anyone think there’s ONE SINGLE PERSON on this planet who will shed even a tear when he dies? Exactly. Some legacy you’ve left there, big fella. A world-class loser in every sense of the word. Rock on, Rosie.

  • JennyC

    Rosie has heart and contributes enormously to charities. Sure she is outspoken, however, she is unlike Donald who just flaps his mouth to garner more attention on to himself, more publicity, thus more money. All he ever cares about is money and keeping young women by his side. To talk about Rosie in such a grotesque manner is just disgusting. He was on Larry King Live and had the audacity to spew ungentlemanly like commentary, while he hypocritically talks about Rosie lack of class.

  • Hi Rosie and all the gang on the View:

    This is something I do not do, but, I just had to show my support to Rosie and your show. I have been along time viewer of “The View” and towards the end of last year I was bored with it. Rosie has brought new life to the show! Yes she has strong opinions we may not all agree with – but it is her “View”. I like that she is down to earth, funny, generous, and a normal everyday person we “normal” people can relate to. I’m a mom to three teenagers in a marriage with my husband for over 24 years and I sure can relate to her more than Donald Trump. What a pompos ass – he thinks his money makes him “God” who can judge others in all matters of their actions and looks. Where he does he get off talking about other people’s looks. Heavy people have a right not to be discriminated against as well as any other people. He should look in the mirror – that hair alone would turn anyone off. I have a very strong faith in my christianity and I try to accept everyone and who they are. Some things make me uncomfortable but I try. Last year my husband and I were invited to a “gay wedding” and I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would be. You know it was great and the love that was shown was fabulous. I met some great people and had a great time. I hope the “View” executives continue to back and support Rosie in the fight with Donald. Elizabeth, Joy, and Barbara each with Rosie bring a unique perspective of views to the show – way to go girls I enjoy this show alot. Thanks!

    Watching from Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Hi! I’m 48 year old married woman with three teenage kids and an regular viewer of “the View”. The dynamics of the four ladies make the show this year make it great,as last year the show was getting boring. With this is mind I hope the network continues to support Rosie with her “views”. She has brought humor, kindness, and a spark to the show. She called a spad a spad when she called Donald on his so called right in judging a 20 year old. He is a pompos, want to be actor, and everyone seems to cater to him because he is rich. Especially Regis and Kelly. Rosie is a person we can all relate to – she is down to earth and a family person. I am a strong christian but I try not to judge others as Donald does. Critizing others looks when he should look in the mirror. I attended a ‘Gay” wedding last year, before I went I didn’t know how comfortable I would be, but you know what Donald could take a few pages out of the people I met there book. Class, kindness, generosity and a sense of fun. Please on my behalf and many other viewers tell Rosie we support her and keep up the good work.

  • jamie

    Decent shirt but i have to go with the I’M WITH ROSIE shirts they have at cafe press!