FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: The Best Show You’re Not Watching

friday night lights

This Christmas, with family and friends on vacation, I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. So what did I turn to? Alcohol of course — umm, no. More like my real addiction— Television. Over the weekend I decided to clear out my PVR and watch the entire season of NBC’s freshman drama FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

While millions of Americans devoured their turkey and stuffing, this TV Addict found himself far more concerned with whether or not the Dillon Panthers would recover from losing their top quarterback Jason Street. Or if, sorry, WHEN, Street would discover what his girlfriend Lyla (what a slut!) and his best friend Riggins (worst best friend ever!) were doing while he was laid up in the hospital. Or whether the new Panther QB Matt Saracen would channel the courage to ask out adorable Julie (who just happens to be Coach Taylors daughter). And how on earth Coach Taylor (Kyle Chander) and his wife (Connie Britton) would keep their marriage together in the midst of all this football madness (Seriously, best TV couple ever!).

Let me say this folks, if you’re not watching FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, now is the time to jump on the Dillon Panther bandwagon. Still unsure? Think DAWSON’S CREEK but smarter, ONE TREE HILL with responsible, nay, remarkable parents or simply put, one my top 10 television shows of the year (check out’s year end review starting tomorrow).

Until January 2nd, you can catch every episode of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS over on by clicking here. Canadians even have access to the series, by watching it over at Yahoo TV

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  • Welcome to the FNL bandwagon! I can’t wait for new episodes!!!!

  • So nice to hear. FNL is indescribably amazing, and is more than deserving of a position on any serious TV watchers top 10 list (It’s on mine!).

  • tdot

    since guys have been talking anout it on the podcast, i watched 1 episode and now im addicted!!!

  • Liz

    I adore FNL, it’s got to be my new favorite show. I’m a bit alarmed you would compare it to One Tree Hill though…


    Um. You can even utter One Tree Hill in the same sentence as FNL? Aren’t we trying to convince people to watch FNL?

  • Vance… it was just a jedi-mind trick to get OTH fans to check out FNL? For some reason people still like OTH? I might as well use my powers to try and hook them on an actual quality television show.

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  • I watched – and loved – the pilot. Now I’m going to have to check out the rest of the series!

  • i caught up with this show as well this christmas! and i absolutely loved it. i finished episodes 1-10 between the 24th and the 27th. it’s what one tree hill should be… more effectively executed… with better stories and amazing actors.

  • Candy

    I watched a re-run and fell in love with the show. I watched all the eps in like two todays. I’m happy it moved to Wed. because my Tues. is just to full.

  • idigress

    Well – you got a convert. I just watched the pilot on and I am officially hooked. I will be watching the remaining episodes throughout the week. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • mg714

    I caught up on Friday Night Lights this month after hearing such good reviews of it and I’m so glad that I did. It’s definitely one of the best shows on the air right now and I really hope its audience grows after the new year with its move to Wednesdays. The writing and cast are great and I’m so glad that Kyle Chandler is part of this show since I’ve been a fan of his since “Homefront.” The young cast is really talented and I hope to see this show on past this season. I’m so happy NBC is giving it a full first season at least.

    Even though I’ve already seen each episode online at more than once, I’m really looking forward to the marathon on Bravo this Saturday, as well.

  • Dave

    Sorry to be a negative person, but we tried watching the show. At least 30 minutes of it seems to be about a imitation football game. The rest is left to spend with character relationships. Don’t care about football. At least OTH spends most of its time on the characters. We don’t care to spend 30 min with a jiggly camera watching them pretend to play football.

  • ^ that’s actually just the first episode. the following episodes deal less and less with the football game but more of the relationships. the pilot episode just stresses on the town’s obsession with football and in the next episodes, you will see how that could take a toll on their personal lives.

    i love the matt and julie storyline, btw. 🙂

  • Man, FNL rules. I’ve been devouring the episodes online. I hope more people take the time to discover it so it lasts beyond just one season, because these are characters I could stick with for a long time.

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  • Phillip

    I AM OBSSESED WITH IT!!!!!!!!!