The 2006 TV Year in Review (Part 1)

Best sports drama that really isn’t about sports: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. With actors as engaging as Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton (TV’s hottest new couple) and stories that have us on the edge of our seat, who cares about football?

Worst sports drama that really isn’t about sports: ONE TREE HILL. What viewers see in this badly acted drama focusing on the oldest high school students since John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John escapes us.

Best unexpected guest star: Martha Stewart offering UGLY BETTY’s Wilhelmina Slater tips on how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey.

Best expected guest star: Alec Baldwin making us laugh in 30 ROCK, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and THE DEPARTED. Baldwin simply steals every scene he’s in.

Saddest guest star: Rachel Dratch, the former star of 30 ROCK, being demoted to occasional guest star and cat wrangler in place of the prettier, but not as funny Jane Krakowski.

Best ‘farm team’ for current TV hits: SIX FEET UNDER. Thanks for giving us Rachel Griffiths (BROTHERS & SISTERS), Jeremy Sisto (the short-lived KIDNAPPED), Michael C Hall (DEXTER) and Peter Krause (THE LOST ROOM).

Longest running show no one we know has ever watched: Believe it or not, GIRLFRIENDS is currently in its seventh season. Quick! Name two cast members! We thought as much.

Proof that the “sophomore slump” needn’t be fatal: DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ third season showed that you can jump the shark and not wind up swimming with the fishes.

Worst holiday-special scheduling: Once again, the devilishly delightful Treehouse Of Terror episode of THE SIMPSONS aired the weekend after Halloween.

Celeb we most hope will not land a reality show: That’s right, K-Fed, we’re talking about you. And to those in talks to put this human train wreck on the airwaves, whatever you’re paying him… we’ll double it to keep this crap off our screens.

Worst show way too many of you are watching: Inexplicably, millions have tuned in to watch Flavor Flav search for a mate. If this is truly the FLAVOR OF LOVE, why does it make us want to throw up in the back of our throat?

Gun-wielding maniac we’d most like to have over for dinner: As DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ Orson-bashing, wedding-crashing, hostage-taking Carolyn Bigsby, Laurie Metcalf proved she’s not just “that chick from ROSEANNE.”

And to ensure our dinner party doesn’t get out of hand: Michael C Hall’s DEXTER will pop by for dessert.

Most appropriate name for a new series: HEROES. Or how a group of ordinary people with special powers saved everyone’s job at NBC.

Runner Up: RUNAWAY. After bumping our beloved EVERWOOD off the CW’s first schedule, RUNAWAY did just that — right off the CW’s fall schedule.

Worst programming move of 2006: Debuting a show called FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS on Tuesdays, then giving it a one-night-only shot on Monday and basically confusing the audience by putting it anywhere other than Friday night! But things will get better in January when the show moves to… Wednesdays!

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  • Not to say your other works are great, but this feature reads just like something out of a magazine – well done!

  • Charlie

    Friday night lights isn’t on Friday because everyone who likes football and would want to watch would have been at the games on Friday night! Duh!

  • savannah142

    Kidnapped was an amazing show that ended it’s run online. It has a huge following on the board and it absolutely never failed to be genius. Not one filler episode and it’s just startling that they cancelled it so quickly. I think they missed out on a huge opportunity to gain a dedicated audience.

  • tdot

    I am still pissed about Ms. Dratch being demoted to Cat lady, but the show is still funny as hell. and I watched 1 episode of FNL iam addicted…Great year
    AND cant wait for 2007 podcasts…WE need a video podcast and a still of Ameries apartment…:)