The 2006 TV Year in Review (Part 2)

Putting the MUST SEE back into MUST SEE TV: NBC, for removing ‘The Donald’ from Thursday night and giving us a two-hour block of seriously funny television (MY NAME IS EARL, THE OFFICE, SCRUBS, 30 ROCK) for the first time in years.

Proof that Emmy Voters don’t actually own televisions: The continued snubbing of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and Kristen Bell (who plays Veronica Mars’ title character) whenever nomination season rolls around.

It’s Not TV…. It’s HBO SHOWTIME: Thanks to WEEDS, DEXTER and SLEEPER CELL, SHOWTIME is where it’s at. HBO is so four years ago.

R.I.P. The Serialized Drama Apparently, if it doesn’t take place on a mysterious island populated with Others and a polar bear, viewers don’t care. KIDNAPPED, VANISHED, RUNAWAY, THE NINEand SIX DEGREES all failed to attract an audience. And while most of the shows didn’t deserve one, KIDNAPPED and THE NINE deserved a far better fate.

Why We Love YouTube: Rosie vs Star, Rosie vs Clay, Rosie vs Asia, Rosie vs Trump. All we know is that YouTube is our first stop online when we’re dying to know who Rosie was angry with yesterday. Rosie, loves you — don’t hurt us. (But if she does, expect to see it on YouTube tomorrow!)

The award for most controversial show both ON-screen and off goes to: GREY’S ANATOMY. We can’t decide what’s more exciting. McSteamy vs. McDreamy or Isiah Washington vs. Patrick Dempsey.

Trend The National Enquirer hates most: By choosing to out themselves, such stars as T.R. Knight (GREY’S ANATOMY) and Neil Patrick Harris (HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER) have given the tabloids two less faces to run on their “Who’s gay and who’s not?” covers.

Proof the Seinfeld Curse is over: Julia Louise-Dreyfus succeeding with her own sitcom, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE. Better yet, it’s actually funny!

Okay, we may have jumped the gun with that proclamation Just ask Michael Richards how his career is going!

Most annoying trend on television: TV shows incessantly talking about other shows on the same network.  

Most guilty party: 30 ROCK shamelessly promoting DATELINE, the G.E. Trivection Oven, NBC Universal, LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’BRIEN — Okay so their not so subliminal advertising works. But still… it’s annoying.

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  • R.I.P. The Serialized Drama; you forgot to add Day Break to that list.

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    How is your so absolutely right about all of it? You’re like the TV King of the World!