BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Direct-To-Video Movie Set To Launch is reporting that SciFi and NBC Universal are set to announce a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA direct-to-video two hour telefilm that will shoot in March and air over the summer. While no story is set, speculation runs rampant that the movie will somehow tie into the mythology for the Galactica spin-off series, CAPRICA, as well as bridge the gap between the third and fourth season.

While this may come as surprising news to fans who’ve been worrying about the show’s declining ratings, one must remember that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA has always been a phenomenal seller on DVD, constantly appearing in’s DVD Bestseller list. According to studio sources, direct-to-video is a very profitable sector for Sci-Fi fans. Other rumoured DTV projects include BABYLON 5, BUFFY, and FIREFLY.

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