abc family lincoln heights

An early New Years gift courtesy of ABC Family, Click here to download the first episode [for free!] of the new series LINCOLN HEIGHTS from iTunes.

The show’s pilot follows an inner-city police officer who convinces his family to move to the neighborhood where he was raised in hopes of cleaning it up and making a difference. With it’s surprising mix of violence, romance and action, LINCOLN HEIGHTS was a welcome distraction on a cold winters day. And with executive prooducers from both PRISON BREAK and SOUL FOOD, the series definitely lives up to ABC Family’s tagline, ‘a new kind of family.’

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  • K

    Yeah, i visited ABC’s site to see if they had put up the Day Break episodes yet (which they haven’t) and i noticed the new show. Wierd thing is before seeing it, i’d heard NOTHING of the show. Never ever heard about it. Have they advertised the show in Canada?

  • The show airs on ABC Family, which Canada doesn’t get — so I’m not sure if we’ll actually have the chance to see any of the series, except for what they put on iTunes.

  • Danno

    I can’t wait to watch this show on a nice big tv tomorrow.