Smile it’s Tuesday! The Backlot #5

the backlot hollywood tv comic strip

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  • Hilarious!

  • Finally! A REAL reason to celebrate!

  • Chris

    Nice issue. Made me laugh. And for the poll…I chose that my show wasn’t listed, but you don’t suck. I just wanted to pick Heroes.


  • Common Sense

    At least no one’s talking about that overhyped showcase of talent-less wannabes, judged by the three deaf mice (including the drugged-up lush in the center-square).

    Me? I’m awaiting Smallville’s Justice League ep, the return of Prison Break & Lost…and tomorrow night’s laughfest with Jerry Stiller and his new retainer on KOQ. Promos are spit-worthy.

  • Very excited for Smallville’s Justice League. Crossover eps are always my favourite.

  • Sam

    Haha, I like that one. I’m also excited about new Heroes and Veronica Mars coming back with new episodes this month as well.

    I’m only vaguely excited about the Smallville thing only because I know Smallville by now it’s probably all more excting looking than it will actually turn out to be.

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