zac efron high school musicalAs much as I really wanted to ‘Get’Cha Head In The Game’, I couldn’t bring myself to actually go out and buy a ticket to see HIGH SCHOOL MUSCIAL LIVE (the live concert of the hit Disney Channel movie HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL). Lucky for me, my fellow blogger the THEATRE addict had no such reservations (He was of course only going to see the production in his capacity as a ‘professional blogger’!) Click here to read his full report.

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  • Im sorry to say this but you people must have a mental problem if you didnt go see HSM in concert! I mean first of all even though Zac wasnt there Corbin Bleau still was and he is sooooooo totally fine I mean the only person finer than him is Zac. I gotta go but i’ll ttyl

    peace out home skilet!!!!