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Fear not OC fans, there’s actually some good news on the horizon. Eonline’s Kristin is reporting that the CW network head honcho Dawn Ostroff is “extremely interested” in picking up THE OC for a fifth season. With any luck we may get to celebrate Chrismukkah in 2007 afterall. Stay tuned to theTVaddict.com for all the latest OC news.

Update TV Critic Alan Sepinwall just talked to OC creator Josh Schwartz, who had this to say:

Part of my quote from the press release that didn’t make the cut was “There has been some speculation about a Season 5 on another network but this feels like the best time to bring the story to an end”. I felt better to go out now with the run we’re having then try and move the show, etc etc. and maybe not be able to deliver the same level of quality. Teen dramas have a shelf life. We’ve had a lot of parties on the show, and so I’ve learned, best not to stay too late.

Who knew last Chrismukkah would be our last?

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  • There’s an interview between TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello and O.C. creator Josh Schwartz at:


    Schwartz says pretty much the same thing there: that moving to another network is not an impossibility but that he has worked toward closure and wouldn’t mind going out while they’re on a creative high.

  • The fact is this: the show isn’t pulling in ratings. If it were, Fox wouldn’t even think of cancelling it. If it were on a bigger network, say ABC, and doing mediocre, then a smaller network (say… um, FOX) might be interested in buying it. But the only thing smaller than Fox is the CW, and I just don’t seem them making that kind of expenditure. Frankly, they screwed up The OC a few seasons back and never recovered. And that, kids, is why you don’t fall into the bad habit of introducing throwaway characters, be they cardboard villains (Oliver, anyone?) or loveable heroines (step up, Anna) who you get people to love, and then banish (farewell, Anna). I love the network that brought us a zillion years of 90210 saying that “teen dramas have a shelf life.” Yeah, um, okay. Not if they’re done right.

  • Common Sense

    I, too, got hooked on The OC during Season 1, mainly because it launched in the summer when there was little competition. It worked for me. Then came season 2, when Seth & everyone seemed a little too “wink, winky” with the cuteness, and I never returned. Still, there does seem to be a pretty loyal fanbase, much like with One Tree Hill. Good lord, Dawn Ostroff…you always wanted the Gilmore/Veronica same-night pairing; can you even CONCEIVE of an OC/OTH night?

    Anyway, with 7th Heaven leaving (well, hopefully!!!), possibly Gilmore & Veronica, possibly Tree Hill and Smallville, probably (unfortunately) Reba, and with—already—several hours of repeats on Sunday night, it might make good “buzz-sense” for The CW to bring The OC aboard for a season or two to fill one of those many empty timeslots. A guaranteed audience is certainly better than, say, a “Runaway” hoped-for audience, isn’t it?

    As for Josh…isn’t a “sure thing” network slot better than working on a “maybe” pilot? I’d recommend The CW getting the Hidden Palms show on-air pronto, to see if it’s going to stick. If it does, that gives the net more options yet.

  • Mr. Brightside

    I think Josh Schwartz only said that because he didn’t want to sound bitter. Wouldn’t we all do the same thing? Think how much fun the marketing department will have with “The O.C. on The CW”!

  • Sam

    This reminds me of when Arressted Development was going bye bye and everyone looked to Showtime to save it. Look how well that turned out.

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  • Im praying that this is true! I love The OC and cant let it go 🙁

    Love the title by the way lol 🙂