Get Your SAVE THE OC t-shirt!

save the oc

It didn’t take long did it! This morning, I wake up, open my email, and surprise surprise — a ton of emails asking, nay demanding a “Save The OC!” t-shirt. Not wanting to disappoint, check out a TV addict Original Design below! Click here to visit Swag Shop.

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  • Alexa

    I think it should be “Don’t Let the Sun Set,” because using the single word “sunset” is a noun, and doesn’t make sense in this context.

  • Alexa,

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ll fix it now. I’m a TV Addict, not an english major!

  • Jenn

    nice shirt, but i don’t know about saving The O.C. I think it has had its day and the “sun has set”

  • Aww… I’m going to miss catching in weekly with the Cohen family. Plus no more Seth, Summer or Taylor? I think I may cry.