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We here at thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday’s premiere of ABC’s new comedy THE KNIGHTS OF PROSPERITY. Not only did the show have that smart/funny vibe of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, but its predominant colour [orange] perfectly matches’s colour palette!

In the premiere episode, Eugene Gurkin’s (Donal Logue) dreams always have exceeded his means. In fact his dead end job on the late, late janitorial shift won’t even fund a bottle of premium booze. In a serendipitous moment, he catches an episode of an entertainment news show and his passion is ignited. Soon he excitedly recruits a group of “average joes” into his “gang” — “The Knights of Prosperity” — to plan the celebrity heist. The first order of business is to get a copy of the key to Jagger’s apartment. And, as usual for this group of “Ocean’s idiots,” nothing comes easily.
If you missed the series premiere, ABC is re-airing it tonight (Friday January 5) at 9PM. You can also catch it for free online by clicking here.

In celebration of the pilot, is pleased to have two (2) KNIGHTS OF PROSPERITY t-shirts to give away (t-shirts pictured above). To enter, all you have to do is post below which celebrity you’d like to rob (hypothetically of course!) and why! By posting, you’ll automatically be entered into the draw. The winners will be announced on January 22, 2007.

I’ll get the ball rolling: This TV Addict would like to rob Veronica Mars — I’ll go to any lengths to get the attention of Neptune’s coolest detective. That or Paris Hilton, let’s face it — that girl has far too much time and money on her hands.

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  • Jennifer

    I completely agree, TVaddict! it was great to see Donal Logue again, as I’ve been watching him since ‘the tao of steve’. It’s also great to see another show with the same sense of humour as Arrested Development – a part of me is still pining for it to come back……………I’ll be sure to watch again next week!

  • Anna

    i thought the first episode was great! i kept yelling “Finnerty” at the screen because i was a huge fan of “grounded for life” ha!!

    what celebrity do i want to rob? Wow…um I would totally rob one of the Friends cast – because you know, with all the money they made when they renegotiated their contracts, they have to have a bajillion things they don’t even need, and wouldn’t even miss!!!

  • Tim

    I would love to rob the writers of “LOST” for a clue. lol Give me some wrap up to some storylines could you? Now, if that won’t do, I’d rob Freddie Prince Jr. in the hopes of meeting Sarah Michelle Gellar. lol I loved Buffy and still do. I still miss “Buffy” on Tuesdays.

  • I would rob Kristen Bell aka Veronica Mars in the hope she’s at home and even if she is not, I’d see her anyway once she would have completed the robbery investigation. As per the Knights, if you found it good, then I have to give it a look…

  • Hannah

    Donald Trump!!! That man needs to be robbed!!

  • Jenny

    Hmm, who would I rob?

    Bill Gates.


    He’s bound to have the latest & greatest computer and electronic equipment and man on man, I could set up a home theater system to watch all the tv I wanted. Plus set up all the HTPCs I wanted to record everything I’m not able to watch now. Yay!

  • Jasmine

    I would have to rob Donald Trump!!
    One he has millions and just to have half of that would be cool, secondly I could find out if it’s a hair piece or not for sure!!! :o)

  • Courtney

    I would rob Barney from How I Met Your Mother – his apartment is FANTASTIC!

  • Courtney — That is a great Call. As Barney would say, “Steak Sauce!”

  • Sam

    Hmm, that’s an interesting question tvaddict, definitely something I don’t think I’ve ever given thought to.

    I’d have to go with Oprah just because with all her money, I’d love to see her call her being robbed ‘giving to charity’ since she’s so great with that. I’m poor(er than Oprah) so it’d be almost the same.

  • tcgc

    If donald and rosie were to conceive a child…then I say rob him or her…lol.

  • turkelton

    i would rob kristen bell’s panty drawer

  • Chad

    You guys are nuts. I’d rob Snoop Doggy Dogg. Why? That guy has enough bling bling in his house to keep me drinking Crystal and rollin’ down the street smoking any kind of endo I want.

  • Nicole NOT Anonymous

    I would definately rob Emily and Richard Gilmore from Gilmore Girls: as Grandpa Gilmore says they have tons of 100 year old furniture that they can’t even sit on and come on guys, they are LOADED!! haha I also would like to see the look on Emily’s face when she realizes she had been robbed… i would die laughing!

    By the way, I loved the Nights of Prosperity pilot too! i hope people actually watch this show and we don’t get another studio 60 where we have to pray each week that there will be enough viewers to keep it on the air…

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  • Courtney

    plus, if I was caught in the act of robbing Barney, I’m a girl so I could probably “talk” my way out of trouble!

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  • Jennifer

    My answer would have to be Will Ferrell because he is a talentedless hack who doesnt deserve a 10th of what he has.

  • DD

    Not to make matters worse–seeing as how his world has just been cancelled–but Seth Cohen on the O.C. would be my target; I may not be a fan of the show but the kid’s tastes are superb. I’d raid his CD/Mp3 collection for up-and-coming indie rockers, and paw through his comic book drawer for rare issues. Not to mention lift the Goonies DVD. Who knows what else a robber might find?

  • Diane Pollock

    I would love to rob Stephen King…just because I am curious as to what is in the Master of Horror’s house!

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  • lucyvanpelt

    I’d like to rob Lorelai Gilmore because she has so many cool things. Her house is a pop-culture museum.

  • H.Jutras

    I woul definetly rob Lilly from How I met your mother’s closet because her clothes are awesome. Mac from Veronica Mars would also be a good option because she has so many gadgets.

  • lucyvanpelt

    I would rob Lorelai Gilmore because she has so many cool things. Her house is a pop-culture museum.

  • Jess

    I would rob Wentworth Miller from Prison Break because that means I’ll get a chance to meet him! Haha.

  • carl

    I would rob Bones from Bones because my girlfriend absolutely loves all her funky necklaces and earrings.

  • but…but… what happened to the contest results?? I can’t wait anywhere, I’ve planned the robbery for this weekend and wanted to wear a cool t-shirt!

  • Brian Kasen

    I would want to see Mr. T from the A-team because he is one tough dude.