We Welcome Back THE OFFICE

Apparently Jan’s psychiatrist thinks that she owes it to herself to find some kind of happiness, and for once, follow her self-destructive tendencies. Having Jan acknowledge that Michael is wrong for her in every single way is quite frankly the only plausible explanation for Michael and Jan to be together. Any sane individual knows Michael is a little nuts (but in a nice way), so it was fantastic that the writers of THE OFFICE acknowledged that this relationship is doomed from the get-go. After-all, we are talking about Michael Scott — the boss who inadvertently emailed “Jamaican Jan Sun Princess” to the entire office.

Moving on to that other relationship train-wreck, we found Pam breaking down and crying after helping Jim and Karen solidify their relationship. Umm, Pam — not to be as un-supportive as say Dwight (“So you’re PMSing pretty bad, huh?), but weren’t you the one who rejected Jim’s advances, not once, but twice. I’m sorry, I just don’t feel that bad for you. Jim put it all on the line and you turned him down. You’re probably going to have to live with uneasy feeling of sadness until at least May Sweeps. When the season will end with the inevitable will they/won’t they cliffhanger (yet again!).

Welcome back THE OFFICE. It was a great way to start of 2007. And in case you’re wondering, my laugh-out-loud line of the knight goes to Phyllis and Angela, as they quickly attempt to through together Michael’s Jamaican Luau (Isn’t a Luau Hawaiian?). I love how everything has to have a committee.

Phyllis: I called every grocery store in Scranton, and no one sells whole pigs.
Angela: Did you try the petting zoo?

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  • Tom

    Yeah Pam, you blew it! Get to stepping drama queen, Karen’s in, you’re out! I hope you end up with Toby (if for no other reason, than for sheer comic value)…

  • Common Sense

    …or Kevin. Remember he said “If I wasn’t engaged, I would totally HIT that.” Too frakkin’ funny.

    I think everyone can relate to Michael’s sheer-panic of emailing the wrong thing to the wrong person(s). Still, a fantastic episode. And Pam…if you don’t want Jim & Karen together, STOP forcing them together, chickie.