Our TV Pet Peeves of the Week

Pet Peeve #1: This weeks UGLY BETTY
ABC doesn’t give us viewers much credit do they? Did they really think we wouldn’t notice the inconsistency, and patched together nature of this week’s episode of UGLY BETTY? In case you’re wondering, Thursday’s episode was actually episode four, but re-edited with a new opening/closing to make it seem like Betty was saying goodbye to the office. Let’s hope next week’s episode (#12) has one of our favourite new shows of the year back to it’s funny and fabulous self.

Pet Peeve #2: NBC’s promo department
When NBC says ‘stay tuned for more FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS at the end of the episode — we expect more FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. I don’t appreciate being tricked into sitting through some commercials for yet another ‘ripped from the headlines’ LAW & ORDER promo. Stop promising ‘more’ if you’re not going to deliver.

Pet Peeve #3: The ABC television network
ACCORDING TO JIM had its season premiere this past Wednesday. Star Jim Belushi must have incriminating photos of ABC network honcho Stephen McPherson. How else to explain the fact that the show’s still on the air!

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  • Jenny

    Hah. Make that YOUR pet peeves. I LOVE A2J. 😀 It’s one of my fav. comedies. (Ok, behind HIMYM & Scrubs, but still. 🙂 )

  • 1. The scrambled nature was definitely noticeable, but I didn’t mind it that bad. I liked the backstory about how Betty first met the accounting guy (Henry?), and the way she duped Mark by trading him her fake Gucci bag (which he thought was real) for a fake Gucci bag and a favor was pretty ingenious. I also liked the subplot about Daniel losing his credit privileges up until the contrived conclusion when he entertained the Japanese entourage on the cheap but in a “creative” way that earned him approval and his credit card back..

    2. They did the same thing with Scrubs. The Scrubs repeats I’ve been watching all have a teaser and two acts. The “stay tuned for more Scrubs” blurb made me think that the current season’s episodes now have a little postlogue (or is it epilogue?) at the end, but no, after the commercial there were just credits & promos.

    3. Never watched A2J much, if ever, but I agree–I thought it was cancelled too.

  • Jenny — I had a feeling you’d chime in 🙂

    Todd — It wasn’t a horrible episode, I just found it annoying that we’ve spent 10 weeks watching the characters evolve and form relationships, only to have all of it essentially disregarded for the sake of the episode.

  • Common Sense

    Pet Peeve #4….Donald Trump acting like a big pile of #2.

    Is this moron so insecure, so childish, so pathetic, so bully-like, that he has to find outlet after outlet to spew idiotic venom against a beloved 5-time Emmy winning lady…who has more class under her toenail than he’ll ever hope to smell? The whole world just got clued in on what type of jerk this guy is. HEAVEN FORBID anyone might have a different take on his decision to let a girl with no scruples represent a pageant that OUGHT to be setting an example for young women. No, not in Donny’s world. On to Playboy! Good night, when will NBC tell this sick, deluded has-been that HE’S FIRED?