Random Musings on Sunday TV

Last night’s episode of THE SIMPSONS revolved around a take-off of the movie THE PERFECT STORM. Yes, I understand that animation is a long process — but spoofing a movie that was release six years ago? To quote Comic Book Guy, “Worst Episode Ever!”

On the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES front, I’m finding Marcia Cross’ real-life pregnancy quite a distraction. While I understand that the writers have decided to not write her pregnancy into the show, the least they could do is allude to her obvious weight gain. How many more months are we going to have to watch as Marcia hides her stomach behind items she’s holding?

BROTHERS & SISTERS started out the season as my EVERWOOD replacement. Now with the addition of new ‘special guest star’ Rob Lowe, it looks like I’ve found my WEST WING and JACK & BOBBY replacement as well. The show officially has something for everyone: politics, humour, emotion and drama. A little more mystery surrounding Papa Walker’s death and we’d have a replacement for CSI as well!

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  • I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention to even notice Marcia Cross’s pregnancy weight. If I can stand to watch this show much longer, I’ll have to pay more attention to that. I guess Tom & Lynette’s new daughter can be added the long list of nasty kids on this show (Julie was the one untarnished one before she started hooking up with obnoxious shirtless boy). I did, however, like how Lynette handled getting the kid out of the restaurant. Finally, her sons’ rambunctiousness can be used for good. 😉

    I still can’t make up my mind about Brothers & Sisters. Sometimes I think it’s too political, but then I think it’d be boring if the family didn’t have that topic to talk about. Plus, it’s an interesting twist to have a show that addresses the war, politics, and social issues so head on when a lot of shows don’t (I really like the way Boston Legal does it). I liked how the mistress is actually involved in the family business, and I liked the scenes in the drug therapy sessions. I could have done without the whole Republicans and guns stereotype, however.

  • Common Sense

    Ditto Todd on Marcia Cross….I didn’t notice, either. I probably will NOW, tho. I wanted to smack the little girl, myself. Lynette can’t catch a break. If the kid only knew it was Lynette’s remark that got her momma shot.

    Bros & Sis has me hooked, too. Patricia Wettig is so freakin good in every role she plays. Her scenes with Sally Field (who’d better get an Emmy nod) are uncomfortably great.

  • I don’t know if credit for this should go to the director, the costume designer, or the sound department, but did you notice how loud they made Wettig’s high heel shoes on the hardwood floor as she was walking in to take up her place in the office? To me that was a nice touch, very symbolic of someone who was ready to have her piece of the action and not afraid to show it.

  • Todd – I definitely didn’t notice that! but I loved how Wettig strutted into the Office. I thought the board room scene was incredibly akward but in a fun way, and absolutly loved the scenes with the entire family at Justin’s rehab.