Win THE SOPRANOS Season 6 on DVD!

In celebration of THE SOPRANOS coming to A&E starting this Wednesday (January 10, 9PM), is thrilled to be able to give away two box sets of THE SOPRANOS: Season 6 on DVD. (Plus a SOPRANOS tshirt!). In order to qualify for this contest, all you have to do is answer this question, as a comment below:

Question: What TV show did Adriana (actress Drea de Matteo) star in after she was killed off on THE SOPRANOS?

There will be two winners who’ll be selected at random. Winners will be notified on the site on January 22.

Looking to win something more than a DVD. How does ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS sound! To reward viewers for watching THE SOPRANOS on A&E, A&E has developed a groundbreaking interactive game that provides the first-ever real-time online experience. Allowing viewers to play along with the television program.

The Sopranos A&E Connection To Launch January 10 Coinciding With Network’s First Broadcast; Visit to check it out.

How well do you know each episode of “The Sopranos?” In which episode was Tony in the kitchen with Meadow or at Bada Bing! with Christopher? Now, true Sopranos aficionados have the chance to prove their knowledge of the enormously popular, Emmy® Award-winning television series and interact with each episode in real-time as A&E Television Network has created the first true interactive online game synched with a television broadcast – The Sopranos A&E Connection, it was announced today by Bob DeBitetto, Executive Vice President and General Manager of A&E.

A fantasy sports meets scavenger hunt experience, The Sopranos A&E Connection is an interactive game that combines real-world media — such as billboards, phone kiosks and magazine ads — with an online game board synched to A&E’s real-time broadcast of the show. Each week, during the television broadcast, players will try to predict what will happen in the episode and earn points based upon the accuracy of their game board. A&E will award weekly prizes ranging from digital cameras, Playstation 3’s, and more to the top scorers and, at the end of the season, the winner will receive his/her own “suitcase full of cash” to the tune of $100,000.

Players can currently learn more about the game and register by visiting the official The Sopranos A&E Connection website – Additionally, they can begin collecting their game pieces on December 15. The competition heats up on January 10 during the broadcast of the first two episodes of the hit television series on A&E and continues each week through the conclusion of season one on February 21, 2007. “The Sopranos” will air on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM on A&E with two episodes shown back-to-back each week.

“The Sopranos A&E Connection is just one example of the network’s focus on utilizing emerging platforms to drive our business,” said DeBitetto. “There has never been a television series like ‘The Sopranos.’ The depth of the characters and the attachment that people feel for them is beyond anything that we have ever seen and lends itself very well to this personal, interactive experience.”

In The Sopranos A&E Connection all real-world media doubles as game pieces including roadside billboards, national print publications, online banner ads, phone kiosks, and more. Players try to collect all 36 game pieces – which represent different characters, objects and settings in the show – by clicking on them online or taking a photo of them (with a digital camera or cell phone) and sending them to a designated email address – Through a unique imaging technology designed by leading visual search and recognition technology company, Mobot, A&E is able to recognize each photo and confirm which game piece a player has collected. This marks the first time in the United States that optical recognition is being utilized to bring pop culture to life, using technologies more often associated with industrial and surveillance purposes.

Using the pieces they collect each week, players will strategically design their online game boards in an effort to mirror the action and various scenes of that night’s A&E episodes. The way pieces are arranged on the grid-like game board effects how many points players score as each piece will earn points based on the number of times the character appears on the actual television show. Additionally, pieces that are next to each other will score more points if those characters appear on screen at the same time. The scoring is synched to the broadcast of the show so players can follow their points in real-time as they watch the episode unfold. (More details on game playing are found on the following page.)

Similar to an online fantasy football league, players will have the opportunity to change the layout of their game pieces prior to each week’s A&E airing. Cumulative scoring will be updated on and groups/friends will have the opportunity to compete against each other by setting up their own leagues.

A&E has partnered with Civic Entertainment Group to conceive this unique and compelling concept to engage fans and attract new audiences for “The Sopranos” on A&E.

“This is the ultimate in convergence – a “clickable” real-world ad campaign and interactive game synched to a real-time television broadcast,” said Stuart Ruderfer, co-CEO of Civic. “It’s a watershed moment in audience engagement.”

The team at Civic worked with Area/Code and their technology partner Mobot to co-create and design The Sopranos A&E Connection Game. A&E has frequently aligned with Civic on developing creative concepts, executing consumer promotions and securing partnerships designed to drive awareness and tune-in for A&E programming.

“The Sopranos A&E Connection reflects a different way of thinking about television,” said Frank Lantz, co-founder Area/Code, the game’s developer. “Through playing the game, you’ll think about television not just as a linear story, but as a system of characters, and objects that have a dynamic relationship to one another. It’s like putting a different lens over your TV.”

“The Sopranos” is an HBO Brad Grey Television production in association with HBO Original Programming. The series was created by David Chase. Executive Producers are Brad Grey and David Chase. HBO and The Sopranos are service marks of Home Box Office, Inc.

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  • Liz


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  • Courtney

    Joey! I bet she’s wishing she hadn’t been killed off…

  • Sam

    Joey and I NEVER liked that show.

  • tdot

    joey……looking forward to this weeks podacst!!!

  • Joey

  • Lia

    Joey….too bad it sucked, i bet she wished she stayed with The Sopranos

  • marmalade


  • Neal

    Joey…. Hope I win

  • becky

    “Joey”, i watched, it wasn’t bad, really!

  • Lucy Van Pelt


  • What was it called… um… “Chandler”?

    Joey. 😛

  • Nicole

    I loved her on the Sopranos..On Joey…. not so much! 😉

  • Tom

    Joey…for the 12 minutes it was on the air

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    euh………. I’ll go with the family: Joey!

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    Well, it was no “Friends” eventhough it was called…..”Joey”. 🙂

  • gsus

    Joey… and hahaha at some of the comments, gosh people on the internet are so funny.

  • Jennifer

    Joey…poor girl!

  • (can’t resist to answer that one)
    I think it’s Joey.

  • jacki


  • Eric F

    Joey, and she was the only decent character

  • Beverly Reszke


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