abc family wildfire contest

In celebration of the return of ABC Family’s hit drama WILDFIRE, is pleased to be giving away WILDFIRE t-shirts (and some ABC Family swag!). To qualify to win, all you have to do is post below who you think Kris will (or should) choose โ€” Matt or Junior. Two winners will be notified on January 22.

“Wildfire” follows eighteen-year-old Kris Furillo who, after serving time at a teen detention center, is given the opportunity to start a new life. Her talent with horses is recognized by a volunteer and local trainer Pablo, who arranges a job for her at the Ritter’s family run ranch, Raintree. Thrown into a completely new environment, Kris must learn to deal with the challenges of fitting in, while trying not to disappoint the one family willing to give her a chance. The Ritters are facing challenges of their own even as they reach out to help Kris. Patriarch Henry Ritter and his daughter Jean are in a critical stage of their battle to save the ranch from financial ruin. Kris and Wildfire must help them get back on the map in the world of horse racing. Season 3 Premiered Monday, January 1st at 8PM on ABC Family

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  • Devin Kile

    i think that kris will choose Matt she and him are so good together andthey have chemistry that her and junior dont like she said shes dated guys like junior and she could realy care for matt and he does everthing for her he loves her more deeply than junior ever could

  • Jamie Mongrain

    I think that Kris will pick Matt because they live so close together. Junior tries too hard and his moods change to much. He needs her, then decides he can’t be with her. What is that about? However, I like Kris and Junior together. I think in the end, the show will end with her being with Junior.

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  • lucyvanpelt

    Kris will and should choose Matt because he’s dedicated and he truly feels for her.

  • H.Jutras

    In the long run, she’ll choose Junior because she’ll eventualy get bored by Matt. He’s not challenging enough.

  • Jess

    She should choose Matt because I think they go great together!

  • carl

    Kris will choose Matt in the end because I truly believes they are soulmates.

  • Kelly

    Kris will choose Junior, hands down.

  • Selina

    Kris has to choose Junior because he really loves her, and Matt has had too many messed up relationships with older women that his whole cute adorable guy thing that made everyone like him in the beginning is so gone.

  • Kris will choose Junior. They’re destined to be together.

  • Stacy

    I really want Kris to choose Jr. I think that both Jr/Kris have really put in a lot of effort, especially Jr. to be with her. Like he said in the episode, he put her in front of his family. I’m also glad that right now they are writing more for Jr. As much as I want them together, he doesn’t need to be hanging around waiting, he needs to live his life. I think in the end Kris will come around and realize how much she loves Jr and how much he loves her and how much they need each other. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melissa

    I don’t think that Kris will necessarily “choose” one or the other. I think that she will fall into place with Matt. I like Junior, he’s a good guy, but he really doesn’t have any substance except when he’s with Kris, and that’s not much of a guy, in my opinion. Matt has a life outside of Kris, but together they just have a great chemistry and relationship. Kris is a part of the Ritter family, and she doesn’t seem to think of Matt as a brother; they have a connection that is unmistakable.I think that Matt and Kris make a lovely couple.

  • unicorn lover

    she will choose junior hands down beacuse thy have more history

  • horse lover

    she will so choose matt!!

  • horse lover

    she will

  • Kris and Matt belong together – they are best friends and lovers. Junior is ridiculous.

  • Amanda

    Kris might date Matt first this season, but the endgame is obviously Kris and Junior. Kris and Matt are good friends, but Kris and Junior have amazing chemistry. The romantic sparks just fly off the screen when they are in scenes together. Kris obviously needs stability in her life and Junior has always been there for Kris, while Matt can’t make up his mind which girl he wants to date. So clearly she should – and will – choose Junior.

  • lilia

    I think Kris should choose Jr. in the end. I think that Matt and her make great friends and they may need to date to get whatever confusion they have about their feelings resolved but in the end it will always be Jr. I am happy the writers will give Jr. time to grow the same way as Matt has been growing – I just think that Matt has too many unresolve issues with Dani to go the Kris way in the end I want someone who will always put Kris first and that she can count on and for some reason Jr. is the person that comes to mind – every time that she has called someone for help – for some strange reason it has always been jr. – the heart does not lie in this sort of things – Junior is more than a friend to her …

  • Jessica

    She should choose matt, theyve known eachother long enough that their friendship is turning into love for one another !! its true!! they are meant to be he truly cares for her!! junior i like him also and he will also do anything for her to pay attention to him but he doesnt love her as much as matt does!


  • Paityn

    I think in the end Kris will realize she loves junior. And I’m going to guess that at first Junior will play hard to get but they will end up together. They have to it’s destiny. Plus Matt is sooooo lame. The writers have to put Kirs and Jr. together their soooooo cute>

  • amberlea

    In the Beginning of the season i thought she should be with Jr. Becasue they were good together but then gillian was geting close to him and he started bull riding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think Kris should choose matt also because matt has loved her since the day they meet and they have lots more chemistry then her and jr so she should choose Matt !!!!!!!!!!!!!! She will Choose Matt Hands Down

  • amberlea

    SHE WILL CHOOSE MATT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    even thought she loves both matt and junior a lot ….. she was hiding her feelings for matt all of this time…. she finally let them out and so did matt and now they are sooo far together….

  • Jessica

    i wonder who was in the car that was coming towards kris on the road…. ???

  • dawn

    i say that next season matts mom will pck kris up off the high way and she will go back home and kris and matt will be perfect sorry jr. but no worrys i think jr will go uot with matts ex-girl friend

  • Nicole

    I think she should choose Junior because they have gotten together before and they had a good time. she shouldn’t choose matt because they live on the same farm and they are good friends and it would be wierd for them to be together.

  • Jessica

    how can it be weird for them if they have always had feelings for eachother…..

  • Kim

    Well Im 34 and totally addicted to this show, I watched it faithfully never missing the first episode and plan to see this season through to the end, Im hoping Kris will end up with Jr. Kind of hard to decide although I know both Matt and Jr care about Kris.. Im ok either way I guess, In regards to who pulled up beside her on the road, Id have to guess between Jr. or Julia.. I know its driving me insane and cant wait for the return, It airs a day before my Birthday, couldnt ask for a better gift, I love the show.

  • Kate

    I want her to choose Junior. I love Kris and Junior together, I dont like her with Matt. It’s wierd because it’s like they are brother and sister I mean the mom did say that she was part of the family. I like her and Junior and she always goes back to him. I think Dani’s in the car because she left her house after that thing with Junior and her dad. Hands down Junior and Kris are gonna get back together.

  • Halie

    OMG HER AND Jr….. Sooo together

  • Judy

    I think Kris will choose Jr. because he really cares for Kris and Jr. is really hot! So she has to choose Jr. because he chose her instead of his family. He even bought her back Wildfire(the horse) and the little horse also.Jr. is really sweet so how can she not pick him.

  • samire

    She should end up with matt because i have noticed that matt cant keep kris off his mind and he spent time trying to find her all those 6 months. When kris told matt to leave when he came to visit her… he stayed and was there in the morning.
    He cares about her more than i think junior ever will :\

    Thatss loovve ๐Ÿ™‚

  • i think jr is supose to be with kris and it was sad when jr and kris broke up last season

  • Cindy

    Kris will SOOOOOO choose JR. cuse theyre perfect together and i mean come on its kris and JR, matts just boring and JR is nothing without kris

  • Brieanne B.

    i think Kris likes matt and juioner at the same time. i think she will get together with juinor even though hes engaged. i personally think that matt and joinur are both hottttt!!!!!! i like junior better though. they both make a great couple with kris. Matt is caring and always there when she needs someone, he really cares, hes respectful and hot and thats great! junior is challenging and hottttttt! hes someone you can count on. i honestly dont know who she will chose, but either guy would make a great couple with her. i love wildfire and i watch it every monday at nine on channel 49 its my favorite show and i love kris, junior and matt and everyone else =]

  • Brieanne B.

    im 14, and i love it better then any 34 year old! im addicted to this amaizng show and i love the hottt guys on it, the whole plot is great and i love kris shes pretty and soooo funny/nice/caring !!

  • Horses 4 Life

    i would hav to say that christ and jr. are the perfect couple!!! i mean the show gets boring without kris and jr. if jr and that one chick get married then i think that i would stop watching the show. i so do not think that matt and kris belong together because… they just dont! so its the right choice to put chris and jr together!!!
    *** CHRIS AND JR ***

  • Tamera

    I think that kris is going to choose Jr cause they both still love each other and matt is to big of a baby to win her over

  • Anthony


  • camille

    i never did and never will think that she will choose matt but he is a nice guy but he is not the one for kris jr and kris will always be together. .

  • gwenllian powell

    i think that kriss will chose matt

  • Martina

    I think that Kris should choose Junior and she will because they are perfect together and Junior loves her no matter what happens and even Kris loves him even though she has a thing for matt JUNIOR is the one she has to choose !!!!

  • Jenna McCleary

    I know Kris will choose Junior because he has a lot more to offer her than matt does and it will be way easier for her to fall for Junior. I love this show and i only miss episodes when i have to and i know kris will choose Junior. Trust me on this one!!

  • Opale C.

    Kriss Will Definetly Choose Junior. It Has to Be Like This. She’s Not Happy With Matt When She Is In A Relationship With Him And Junior Always Loved Her!

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