DEGRASSI Talk — Spoilers Ahead!

[SPOILER ALERT!] So it finally happened. After months of speculation and rumours floating around the net, DEGRASSI finally lost one if its own — JT Yorke, you’ll be sadly missed. While I wasn’t surprised as to who died (thanks to CTV for pretty much giving it away in their promo last week), it was quite shocking as to how JT died. His stabbing was quick, random and didn’t seem to have much purpose — except to say violence is bad (well duh). I find it hard to believe, that even under the influence, some young punk from Lakeview (or was it Lakehead) would randomly stab JT for no apparent reason.That said, the episode was well done overall and provided for some fun DEGRASSI watching. In keeping with this theme of randomness, a few random comments if I may:Why were Ellie and Marco at a high school party? When University students hang out at their old high school it’s not cool, just sad.Why was everybody so emotional at the funeral? If I recall, outside of Tobes, sorry Toby, JT didn’t have that many friends.The award for bad acting theatre goes to Toby. Did you notice that whenever Toby was about to cry, the camera cut away. Someone needs a few more classes at the Armstrong Acting Studio.Why does anyone listen to Manny’s advice? Isn’t this the girl who in recent years has stolen Craig, had an abortion, ended up on Peter’s video camera topless, well you get the idea…Finally, as we’ve learned from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, it’s never cool to hook up with your best friend’s girlfriend — even if your best friend is dead. Shame on you Toby.

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  • Sam

    ‘Cept for he hasn’t actually died here in the states yet…

  • Your headline spoiled this for me–this ep hasn’t aired yet in the US. Thanks!

  • Sorry Folks, I thought the same episode aired in the US as it did in Canada. I’ve changed the title to avoid spoiling it for my American friends.

  • Lia

    Do you know if Ryan Cooley wanted to leave the show or if he was forced off, he should try and interview him

  • Lia, I’ll get on it right away!

  • T. Paul

    That’d be awesome if you could score a Ryan Cooley interview. He’s by far my favorite actor on that show. It’ll be sad to see him go, but I definitely am curious about the reasons for him leaving as well. Is an interview with him a good possibility?

  • Canary Rodriguez

    YAh me wwant to know whai he be lyeavin’ de show too!

    Somebody email me about the interviewzzzzz k?????


  • melissa

    I thought it was “Lakehurst”….

  • Jenn

    It was Lakehurst and earlier there was talk that Mia had gone out with one of these guys so maybe not so random

  • OMG! I can’t believe that JT is dead. He was my favorite character. I felt sad for like two days after I watched it. I am also wondering if you could tell me whether he was forced off or whether it was by choice? I also would like to know if there is a different show or movie that he will be acting in. I will really miss him on the show!

  • aaron (utube)

    the final behind the scenes of ryan cooley is available on youtube

    copy this link

    warning it does get emotional in the end. his final good bye

  • Kaitlyn

    OMG its so sad that jt died…if u live in the states u can watch it on youtube…

  • Kaitlyn

    i thnk ryan wnted to go to college..but idk

  • sarah

    if ryan did go to college or university will he ever go back to television shows or movies because if he will it would be really cool to see him on screen since he really did a good job as an actor on degrassi. he was also pretty funny on the i am a sixth grade alien show too.

  • sarah

    oh another question i have heard alot of rumours of ryan dating the actress who played emma and all of my friends were wondering if it was true.

  • Tracy

    I disagree, Jt did have more friends than Toby. That’s the point. He’s the only character who has some sort of relationship with most of the major cast members so his death is a shock and more of a big deal than say sadly,Rick’s (the school shooter) death. (ie knowing Emma, Manny, and Sean from the beginning…being friends with Paige ect.) Now if Toby was the one who died you’d be right.

  • he wasnt quitting or he wasnt fired..they just cut him out..after 6 years with the cast and hes just gone…degrassi has to GO THERE and i definatly think they have achieved this goal:[

  • shawnmarie

    i cant belive JT died i am so sad he was on of my favorite characters even thow i live in the states i saw it on youtube it is so sad dose anyone agree with me why would they just kill one of there main characters?

  • Martin

    Actually. Jt did have a lot of friends and he wasnt stabbed for no reason. He started the fight with that boy from Lakeview at the basketball game when the Lakeveiw boy started drama with Mia. Jt was the mascot for the school therefor he was friends with all of the spirit squad. He was friends with Toby, Liberty still had a thing for him, he was close with manny, bc they used to date. He was also close to Libertys brother. Regardless, these kids had gone to school with him since grade like 7. thats probably why they were so emotional.

  • Aly

    yeah i dont get why they would kill him, like um wtf? and he didnt want to leave they just told him apparently. ugh ima miss jt. im not gunna watch the youtube scene or w/e cauz im in the states and i dont want to spoil it, but JT will be missed =/

  • Corinne

    itsss sooooooo sad he was like one of my favs i dont live in Canda but i did see the whole episod eon google videos and you cant help not to get emocanial 🙁 ill miss him sooo much it sucks that he cant come back and guest starr like craig will come back for season 7 he said but j.t cant now because off those stupid kids illl miss himmm soooo much hopefully hell still be on movies and all that!!!:(((

  • Caathyyy

    i live in toronto(i’ve seen manny at a couple volleyballtournaments:p) but i missed that episode. The pplz from America yu can watch new shows and interviews on yur computer. just go to . they have this episode and an interview w/j.t it wasn’t THAT random cuz the guy was lake hurst is mia’s Ex> and mia’s EX was said to be the jealious type. and he did say J.T was “gonna get it”. lol i’m a big fan. but yes i would like to kno if he was forced off. Thank yu.

  • Angela

    Um.. First I was just wondering if you actually watched the previous episodes? If you did then u would know that JT had been in fueding with the Lakeview crew and was set to fight them in the episode before the one in which he died. It all came from the last seasons basketball game when a huge fight broke out. Second JT was not the most popular guy at Degrassi but he WAS well known by everyone and pretty much well liked so it is totally understandable that eveyone would be upset about his death. As far as Ellie and Marco going to a highschool party, they are only fresshman in college and some of their friends that should have graduated with them (Spinner,Jimmy,Ashley,Alex) are still at Degrassi so why would they disassociate themselves with Degrassi just because they are in college? Maybe you should check your facts and actually watch the show before you post a blog.

  • anonymous


  • Colli

    Ok first off manny had an abortion in the third season wen craig got her pregnant and i noe mannys made mistakes but shes learned now and is a nice girl (geez im talkin bout a fictional character) im so sad ryan cooley is leaving the show he was awesome. Im in the states but i saw the whole thing on youtube and watched it tonight. i noe jt was in a feud with lakehurst or w/e but it was just a bunch of bullies, they wudnt actually kill eachother!? so that was kind of confusing. also did u see the stabbers freinds reaction? that shows that they werent planning on killing anyone and that he probably has some kindof mental desease (no offense to anyone who does) and forgot to take his med. (or maybe overdoesed?)

  • Anonymous

    I think that was soo stupid how he died, like you wouldnt kill off J.T. it just doesnt happen. Like his life didnt have a happy ending at all. He lost his child, lost the love of his life due to drugs, then found someone else but still loved liberty and was going to tell her that he does love and miss her. Thats soo sad and heart breaking and its messed up in a way but omg. Y him? y not someone else?? why now? thats sooo soooo sad! im soo pissed because that was the person you can count on, u no. wow bye J.T.

  • vicki

    Manny’s abortion was a 2- part episode “Accidents will happen”. I don’t know if it ever aired in the States but you can download it from a lot of torrent sites

  • ariel

    I can’t believe it happened. I didn’t watch Degrassi until I saw J.t on there and I was like ‘wow, He’s awesome!’ after that I was hooked. Its so depressing that he was just about to tell Liberty how he felt too! @!#$#@%@!%%! I don’t think I can watch it anymore, its just too hard…..

  • chelsie

    Manny’s abortion only aired in the U.S. before this season started and they showed every episode. So it only showed once. I kind of knew J.T. was going to die so it wasn’t a suprise to me, but I still cried. =(
    Anyways somebody said something about they had reason to kill J.T. because the boy went out with Mia, but the boy that went out with Mia wasn’t even there. That was 2 different boys. They were his friends, but still, I don’t think the Mia incident would’ve been the reason. I thought it was stupid actually.

  • Sum1

    I totally agree. Why wasn’t Mia’s ex there? It doesn’t fit.

  • Liz

    OMG i hated when this happened i wish that he comes back bby like a doctor can say that they found a organ and can “try” to replace it but i just dont care how they do it viewers will dropp because of this

    does anyone wanna petition this? if so tell me

  • Ashley

    okay so lyke i didnt get to see the whole episode cuz i was out that night & totaly forgot that it was supposed to be on so i saw lyke this part [idk is it was from the one where he dies or a different episode] but lyke i saw when they had that memorial thing in the auditiorium & that was after Liberty found out that j.t still had feelings for her. & then things got emotional. but i cant find any websites with the episode on it & i want to watch it so bad before i start getting confused… so can someone send me an email or something!?!? i need websites w/ the episodes on it. Thanxs :]

  • Linda Schuyler in a recent The-N podcast said she and Ryan had spoken a year or so before shooting the episode — Ryan wanted to go to college, and thought a big event leading to his departure would be a good idea. The writers came up with this idea and he thought it was great. It was a completely collaborative decision — J.T. was a much-loved and popular character, but the Degrassi people always work with and around the plans and lives of the teen actors.

  • Imani

    OK so like do these people watch the show? I mean really Marco and Ellie on screen these are like their only friends I mean this is there life and you really didn’t see them at the party you just see them checking their phones. and the murder was like the farthest from random I mean that guy hated his guts and he already beat up toby. AND JT had a few friends he had Manny , Emma, Toby, Liberty(pre-pregnancy) He had Jimmy when the were young Sean was kind of friends with him because of emma and Danny was really good friends with him until he and liberty started dating. Gosh get your facts straight I mean i’v only been watch since the shooting and I knew all this.

  • Totally Tiff

    I am a loyal degrassi the next generatiion fan and I have been since season one when emma was held against her will with that creepy guy. So I was sad and shocked when jt’s character got killed off. I also felt the same thing most fans felt “why not toby instead” .But i was glad to read on wikipedia (which has an exstensive degrassi page) that ryan cooley left to go to college as did daniel clark(sean cameron) when he left. I think for the next shocker; jimmy should walk all of a sudden, Jt should come back to life and craig and manny should get married. Now that would “go there”.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Totally Tiff on what should happen. I thought Jt didn’t deserve this at all,and I’m sure everyone else thinks the same.He was one of my favorite chars and HE’S the one that had 2 die. Luckily it wasn’t is real life. The bully is a freakin idiot fo rkilling Jt just cause he said “You guys slay me with your humor.” That is what I think at least. And Ashley if you want 2 see the epsode google the n. Thanks for reading Ya’ll!!!

  • I am shocked that JT died. I dont understand the reasoning for him dying. everyones saying they needed it for the plot.. but think about it.. they could have done a whole nother plot and plus JT is deffinately one of the favorites. i actually cried for like an hour after he died .. =[

    and obvv people are gonna cry. JT wasnt my friend and i cried and he didnt even die in real life. when someone dies you cry.. duhhhh. and i just would like to ask the writers of the show what the point of killing one of the favorite main characters of the show was. and in real life i think some people would agree.. people dont just whip knifes out and stab people in canada.

  • Samantha

    Does anyone no when there is gonna be new episodes of degrassi? IF U DO EMAIL-

  • soccergrl

    For every1 who is wondering Ryan Cooley did NOT get fired. The-n, for those who don’t know is a channel in the us which has degrassi, posted an interview with the director. She explained that after talking with him about his future on the show he was ready to move on after 6 years. At that time she gave the okay for the writer to “kill” him. To visit the homepage of the-n go to:

  • miranda

    Well unlike like some of you I am very upset that Jt died. He was my favorite charactor in the whole series! He was by all the cutest one there to. I do have to say though why did they decide to kill Jt.

  • kiki

    wow, still can’t believe this posting went on for this long. I became a recent Degrassi addict most recently so I had to research and catch up on all that I had no idea about. Ryan Cooley wanted to leave for college and that’s why his character got killed off. That’s still a horrible way to go. I’ve only been a fan for like 3 months but i cried when he died (not during the actual show though because the N played the damn promo commercial for like 2 weeks before they finally aired the repeat). Doesn’t matter—- I’m still hooked and tempted to just find out all the spoilers for the upcoming seasons scheduled to air June 30 in the states.

  • I was sooooooooo mad when they killed jt! he was the sweetest character on there and they shouldve got rid of some1 else like damn toby lol

  • maddie

    is daniel clark going to be on season 8 of degrassi? i hope he goes on the show and hooks back up with emma!