THE L WORD: Season 4 Preview

l word season 4 preview

By: Amrie (My Take on TV)

Last week, I got a very nice email from the Digital Entertainment department of Showtime. Showtime is the new HBO (at least that what we’ve been saying at thetvaddict for what feels like forever!). Dexter is amazing, Weeds is phenomenal. Sleeper Cell is one of the greatest things I’ve seen on television in recent months. Since 2004, one of my favorite shows on TV has aired on Showtime – The L Word. Imagine my surprise when that aforementioned email asked me if I’d like the opportunity to review and discuss the new season of one of my favorites? I jumped on the idea.

For the past four days, I’ve been holed up in front of the TV, watching, and re-watching, the first 6 episodes of Season Four and I must say that it’s fantastic so far. It’s back to the lightness that we got to experience in Season 1. After all the pain and the intensity of the first three seasons, the girls are living and loving as usual, but their bond as a group seems to have grown over time.

For those of you who missed last season, and even those of you who missed the season premiere (which aired this past Sunday on Showtime), here’s a bit of info on where we left our girls and what they‘re up to as the season begins:

Bette (Jennifer Beals) – On the run with Angelica after having learned that Tina planned to sue for sole custody. The gang teams up to convince her to come home. By the end of the season premiere, the high powered lawyer contracted by Bette sets up a custody arrangement, in order to spare them a long court case.

Tina (Laurel Holloman) – After getting consent from Bette to try her hand back in the heterosexual world, Tina is happily dating Henry. Things are a bit tense between her and the rest of the ladies, as they view her a traitor against their “kind”.

Kit (Pam Grier) – When we last left Kit, she had found out that she was pregnant with Angus’ child. As we enter the 4th season, Kit has decided to get an abortion.

Helena (Rachel Shelley) – After Mommy Dearest severs Helena’s ties to the family money, she is forced to make a living on her own. Alice makes attempts to help Helena learn how to live within her modest means, but it appears that things aren’t going to be as easy as she hopes.

Shane (Katherine Moennig) – After not showing up for the wedding to Carmen and having spent time with her father (who has recently left her step mom) and her brother Shay, Shane took the fast track to a weekend of partying with Cherie (guest star Rosanna Arquette). While both high and drunk, Shane takes Cherie’s car and crashes it on the Santa Ana Freeway. We spend most of the episode following Shane as she makes her battered way back home. She gets home in time to meet up with her father’s jilted wife, Carla (Sarah-Jane Redmond). Carla has left a gift on the back porch for Shane – her little brother Shay.

Jenny (Mia Kirshner) – Jenny is as crazy as ever, as we meet her on the verge of a book signing for the memoir about her horrible past molestation. She and Moira/Max (now just Max) realize that their relationship is not what it used to be, now that Moira has become Max. Claude (guest star Elodie Bouchez) comes for a visit and she and Jenny spend the weekend of the book signing together. Marina (guest star Karina Lombard) makes a surprise appearance, and Jenny gets the opportunity to write something for The New Yorker.

Alice (Leisha Hailey) – Alice is still recovering from the passing of Dana in Season 3. She’s definitely the comic relief this season, however. She’s occupied with the The Chart. She notices that someone has more connected stars on her orbit than Shane and sets out to find out who this mysterious Papi is.

Moira/Max (Daniela Sea) – Max is continuing the journey laid out for him last season when she was Moira, coming to terms with the fact that she felt more like a male than a female. While he’s been alienating the girls, he’s come into his own at work and his boss makes an attempt to set Max up with the boss’ daughter.

Starting Sunday, January 14, 2007 – the season takes more steps towards becoming the best one yet!

Why is it as good a time as any to get yourself involved in their lives in the coming weeks?

– Cybill Shepherd joins the cast as Bette’s new boss, Phyllis Kroll. There are some thrilling twists and turns about her character that some might not see coming. From minute one, she lights up the screen and absolutely makes me believe in her struggle. It’s powerful, and absolutely worth getting involved in!

– Also joining the cast, Marlee Matlin, as the resident artist on Bette’s staff at the University, Jodie Lerner. A rebellious woman who intrigues Bette from the start, she’s one to watch.

– Now that they’ve delivered a child into the mix, Shane is having to act more grown up and take responsibility for something in her life. It’s a different character than we’re used to seeing from her, and it’s a nice change. Think play dates with pretty moms….

– Helena and her money troubles leads to a very unlucky agreement in the poker world.

– Jenny goes a little crazy when a review printed about her book doesn’t show her in the greatest of lights. It’s a downward spiral that has definitely been coming for a long time, but I think out of it, we’ll see a stronger, maybe saner, Jenny Schecter.

– Kit’s story is taking a crazy turn, too. Look for things to get a lot harder before they get easier on her. And look out for German nannies and their guitars!

– New characters Papi (Janina Gavankar) and Tasha (Rose Rollins) throw wrenches into Alice’s plans.

– Max continues the transformation, which leads to some explosive situations.

Promise me you’ll check it out on Showtime, Sunday 1/14, at 10! It’s a show that cannot, and should not, be missed!! (If you missed it, the season premiere airs throughout the rest of the week. Check for the details).

Let me know what you think of it after you check it out:


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  • amanda

    We love the l word (my girlfrind and i) what did we ever do before it all started????

  • Fronni Parker

    Is the L Word Season 4 available on DVD to purchase? And also have many seasons have there been so far? I’ve tried to find Season 4 in the stores but to no avail. Thank you for your time.