TWO AND A HALF MEN — Best Comedy? Huh!?

[START RANT… 3…2…1…]

This may shock some of you… but I just found out that apparently I’m not a ‘person’. I know what you’re thinking — “ummm, TV addict, have you been watching a little too much TV?” or “are you high?” The answer to both queries of course is no — although I possibly do watch a little too much TV (but is there really such a thing?).

So why am I not a person you ask? Well it turns out, the ‘People’s Choice’ for favourite comedy at last night’s 2007 PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS was TWO AND A HALF MEN Huh!? Do the ‘people’ not own a TV? Where was SCRUBS, THE OFFICE, ENTOURAGE, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, 30 ROCK, well you get the idea.

Once again, I’d like to meet these people. If you were one of the tens of people who Iclaim to enjoy TWO AND A HALF MEN speak up now! Post below and support your favourite comedy. My thoery is that none of you actually exist. It is no coincidence that TWO AND A HALF MEN air on CBS, which just so happens to air these so-called ‘PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARSDS’. So let’s here, post away… if you dare!


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  • Jenny

    *cautiously sticking hand into air*

    I love the show. 😀 Do I like it more than Scrubs or HIMYM? Probably not, no. I don’t watch The Office, Entourage or AD, though, so… 😉

  • Jenny, I knew you’d be the first person to comment 🙂

  • I confess, I haven’t been big on sitcoms for several years and have only recently started catching up no Scrubs through reruns, but 2.5 Men does sound like an odd choice considering the buzz other shows get.

    Just curious, what were the other two nominees (don’t People’s Choice awards only have three noms)? Do you think maybe 2.5 Men, since it’s on CBS, got the old people’s votes?

    Awards shows continue to suck more and more every year.

  • Todd… I honestly forgot about the awards until I got an email this afternoon asking why I didn’t comment on it. I visited the People’s Choice site, but the voting was closed (obviously!) and they didn’t even list the nominees – or the winners. Pretty shoddy operation if you ask me.

  • I SO agree. Two and a half men?! Ugh. Charlie Sheen just..being himself (aka sleaze). What a joke (in the not intending to be funny way)
    Should have been Scrubs! Or even How I Met Your Mother! People’s Choice.. ugh.

  • becky

    Scrubs is robbed again, big surprise. it really is the funniest show on t.v. I can’t honestly believe these “people” even watch t.v. is they chose two and a half men as favorite comedy, wow.

  • Common Sense

    Once again, a so-called “awards” show proves its utter irrelevance. I would not ever CONSIDER tuning into such a farce. And relying (allegedly) on a vote of the “People?!” Ha ha You’ve gotta be KIDDING. Those morons who live in the U.S. are too stupid to even GET the humor on AD, The Office & Scrubs. If Idol, Suitcase or No Suitcase, and the apparent infatuation with the non-funny 2.5 Men doesn’t tell us all we need to know about the viewing public’s intelligence, then Donald Trump isn’t a gross pig with bad hair.

  • BHcolin

    I got to say i like Two and a Half Men– is it the best no I love all the Scrubs, the office and HIMYM better. I watch all the Thurs comedies on NBC, they’re great. Loved Arrested Development and I really like Entourage , but yes I still find Two and a Half men really funny. Now I totally see how it could win People’s Choice– Look at the ratings. It’s the top rated comedy (ever since Everybody loves Raymond went off the air) and Scrubs (even The Office) doesn’t match there ratings.
    I guess part of it is I don’t have to think when watch it, it might be candy for me but I still like it

    hey least According to Jim didn’t win (very unfunny)

  • Linda B.

    I stopped watching the People’s Choice Awards yearrrrrrssss ago. It’s just stupid. The lamest stuff seems to win. Pirates of the Carribean 2 for best picture??? Yeah, it made the most money last year, but it certainly wasn’t the best. And Cameron Diaz winning? did she even have a movie out last year?

    Only award i think they got right was The Class getting best new comedy. I love that show! TVaddict – how come you never mention that show?

  • considering the results, i just thought the winners are directly related to ratings… disappointing results, but not that surprising if you think about ratings (tv), popularity and overall gross (movie). the 3 nominees were 2.5 Men, My Name Is Earl and The King of Queens. I would’ve wanted Earl to win; but a number of great comedies weren’t even on that list.