FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Calm Before the Storm

Last night was another fantastic episode of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and not surprisingly, revolved around relationships, albeit not the ones you may be thinking of.

Coach Taylor and Jason Street: Jason’s family finally served Coach Taylor with a lawsuit claiming he was responsible for Jason’s injury. It’s pretty much a lose/lose situation for everyone involved. While I understand that the Street family needs money, suing the Coach of the town’s most beloved team doesn’t seem like the best idea ever. It will be interesting to see how the repercussions from this lawsuit play out.

Tyra and her Mom: Tyra’s never played a central role on the show, but she’s been a character I’ve always liked. I thought the ultimatum she gave her Mom — forcing her to choose between herself or her Mom’s abusive boyfriend — was surprising, and a nice show of strength on Tyra’s part. It was a beautiful moment, watching her Mom choose Tyra. I know it shouldn’t surprise me that a mother chooses her daughter over a boyfriend, but this after-all television. I definitely expected Tyra to be living on the street until she was adopted by either the Taylor’s or the Riggin’s household.

Matt and Julie: Not much to say except that they are the most adorable couple on TV. It’s nice that the relationship is playing out in somewhat a ‘real’ fashion. If this were ONE TREE HILL, Julie would have already been knocked up and forced to be contemplating an abortion by now.

Smash and Waverly: Smash is way too full of himself. I cannot wait until next week’s episode when his world comes crashing down.

Buddy Garrity and Football: I absolutely love Buddy Garrity. His obsession with the Dillon Panthers makes me smile every-time he’s on the screen. In a town with some serious issues, Buddy Garrity is that welcome bit of comic relief that adds a lot to the show.

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  • I agree 100%. Hands down, this was one of the best episodes of one of the best shows on television!!!

  • becky

    It was sucha good episode! I really love and watched all the episodes up until two weeks ago on line which is a great way for shows to get knew viewers by putting all the episodes on line, great idea. Tyra definately became a better charectar last night, I have never really enjoyed her story lines that much with the older guy thing and party girl thing, but last night showed a really interesting charectar instead of just a dumb texas blonde which she seemed to be before. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

  • mg714

    i adore this show – i really hope it gets to a second season. Why aren’t more people watching? How can more people be sitting through uninspired shows like Armed and Famous and According to Jim (two shows that had more viewers last night than FNL)?