Thursday Night TV MADNESS!

With the second half of the TV season in full swing, I once again have to kiss the TV Gods for bringing me my Rogers HD PVR. Tonight I’ve got a mere five and a half hours of TV on my plate. But thanks to the odd Canadian TV schedule, timeshifting, and of course, my PVR — I will somehow manage to get it all in. My schedule in case you’re wondering.

6:30PM — Pick up some POPEYE’S Chicken Strips (Best Spicy Chicken Strips: Hands Down!)

7PM — THE OC (CTV airs it two hours early!)

8PM — UGLY BETTY, the first normal, new episode of 2007

9PM — GREY’S ANATOMY, something tells me George’s dad doesn’t have much longer

10PM — THE OFFICE, Michael goes on a sale call with the ‘team’. No doubt hilarity will ensue.

10:22PM — SCRUBS, note: thanks to my PVR — no commercials!

10:44PM — 30 ROCK, Honestly, I laughed out loud when I read tonight’s description —Jenna is excited about the opening of her independent movie — despite its ridiculous title: “The Rural Juror.”

11PM — SMALLVILLE, on the KTLA West Coast Feed. Donna Martin Gradu.. sorry, Tori Spelling guest stars. More importantly, one more week until JUSTICE LEAGUE!.

What are you all up to tonight? Endless hours of TV like moi, or a life 🙂

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  • Sam

    No life here, just watching all the same things as you (minus 30 Rock and Scrubs).

    Side note: You probably dont have it there in Canada but believe me when I tell you WINGSTOP has the best spicy chicken strips 🙂

  • We do have Wingstop — assuming it’s the same one I’m thinking of — it’s part of Pizza Hut. And I have to say…. I was so excited when they came to Canada, and I tried their chicken strips and I was so disappointed. Perhaps I should give them another chance. But in my books. Popeyes Forever! By the way, this is a great topic for a future post. What is your favourite food when you sit down in anticipation of your favourite show!

  • jacki

    Thursdays are the best!

    Tonight I will be watching…

    8:00 – ‘Til Death (i’ve only been married 2 1/2 years, but we’re already so much like the “old” couple!)
    8:30 – My Name is Earl (my hubby likes this one, I’m not crazy about it, but it does usually make me laugh)
    8:52 -The Office (FAVORITE SHOW)
    9:14 – Scrubs (usually always hilarious, but the last couple episodes have been not quite up to normal par)
    9:58 – The OC (again, my hubby forces me to watch this one. I only tolerate it for Seth Cohen.)

    Go to bed at about 10:00, and tomorrow I will watch:

    30 Rock (by myself, hubby isn’t into it)
    ER (I’ve been watching this for so many years, I just can’t give up on it.)

    By the way, I’m a new commenter here. Recently found your podcast and have been enjoying the banter! 🙂

  • Me, I’m burning off the last disc of How I Met Your Mother season 1 tonight, and a load of TV will be taped and watched within the next 7 days. I don’t have a PVR, but I can also timeshift.

    7:00, 7:30 – ‘Til Death (CH Hamilton)
    8:00 – 10 Items or Less (CH Hamilton)
    8:30 – Extras (CH Hamilton)
    9:00 – Shark (Global Regina)
    10:00-12:00 Midnight – Earl, The Office, Scrubs and 30 Rock (NBC Seattle)

  • tdot

    totally off topic but do you ever think that ABC NBC FOX CBS will ever allow canadians to watch the tv shows that they replay on there site…

  • tdot — No I do not. Canadian networks (ie ctv, global etc.) pay for the rights to these shows. They also pay for the digital rights, so that own the rights to play the episodes on their own sites (if they choose). CTV has started on their site, but global, ch, and the other channels have yet to jump on the bandwagon.

  • Jenny

    PizzaHut has Wing Street, just FYI. At least, here in the US. 😉

    As for my schedule tonight, everything will be DVR’d, cause we have to go to the library and then pick up dinner at McDs (probably), plus Josh is up, so can’t really watch anything yet.

    So later:

    Rachael Ray
    Grey’s Anatomy
    Men in Trees (I’m so disappointed not to see this and Supernatural on your schedule!)

  • Sam

    Still off topic but here in Texas we have Wingstop, Wingstreet, and Wingworks all in within a three mile radius of my home, so I have up to *here* with the wings and the strips 🙂

    My brother and I actually have a tradition since the start of Prison Break this year that we watch that and Heroes together while eating Wingstop, so I guess that’s the food we most look forward to eating before tv. Everything else is just there I suppose.

    All this talk about food and I have yet to eat dinner. Shame on you tvaddict for making me make myself hungry 🙂

  • tcgc

    oh tv addict…when are you going to grow up and eat adult food…lol. just kidding.
    what’s the scoop on it’s always sunny in philadelphia?

  • Mr. Brightside

    7PM – The O.C. (CTV)
    8PM – My Name Is Earl (NBC/Global)
    8:30 – The Office (NBC/Global)
    9PM – Scrubs (NBC)
    9:30 – 30 Rock (NBC)
    10PM – ER (CTV/NBC)
    11PM – Ugly Betty (ABC West)
    MIDNIGHT – Grey’s Anatomy (ABC West)

  • andi

    As a fellow tv addict who now doesn’t get TV in my house I either download my shows or watch them at others places. So tonight my roommate and I went and got McDonald’s and then watched Grey’s Anatomy at the university residence. Now I am downloading everything that I watch, Scrubs, The Office, and The O.C.

  • Common Sense

    RE: Andi

    Can you believe that next month, Nielsen FINALLY will begin counting college viewing in their ratings samples? What, did Nielsen think people between 18-24 don’t watch TV? The research is still very flawed, as they will only count those kids at college who happen to belong to already-Nielsen families. How low a percentage that must be! Younger skewing nets, like CW, definitely get screwed over with this ridiculous system.

    Tonight’s SMALLVILLE was sooooo good, man! Chloe was classic, when she’d figured out what Clark & Oliver did to Lois. And Tori Spelling is just so….dramatically campy. I actually got so wrapped up, I forgot to begin recording The Office til only 10 min. remained! Ugh!!!!!

  • 7pm: Good Eats (Food Network, lol)
    8pm: Watching Ugly Betty, DVR Smallville (for what reason, I’m not quite sure anymore)
    9pm: Watching Grey’s Anatomy, DVR The OC, VCR Scrubs & 30 Rock (Old school, baby)
    10pm: Men in Trees (high five, Jenny)
    11pm: Lots of stuff to choose from.

  • No life here either. 😉

    Thank goodness for digital video recorders. For me it’s an 80-hour dual-tuner TiVo. It’s a lifesaver, especially on Thursdays.

    Ugly Betty: Just got done watching it.
    Smallville: Never impressed with this show but recording it for a few weeks before Survivor starts because of curiosity in the Justice League storyline; will probably watch this weekend.

    Scrubs: Watched this one first
    The O.C.: Debating whether to watch it or Men In Trees next.
    Grey’s Anatomy: Can’t record three things at once; I’ll have to watch this online or download it.

    Men In Trees: Debating whether to watch it or The O.C. next.
    Shark: Huh, TiVo didn’t pick that one up; must have been a repeat this week.


    I’ve been curious about a couple things… What does the P in PVR stand for? I usually hear them referred to as DVRs.

    Also, those of you who are listing West Coast feed times… Are you on the West Coast or is there a channel in the east or center of Canada that picks up the West Coast feed later at night? Is that what some of you mean by “time shifting”?

  • Sam

    I may be wrong, but I always assumed it was DVR-Digital Video Recorder and PVR-Personal Video Recorder. I’d like to know for sure what it means as well. Anyone know?

  • hey gang – it felt like the longest thursday night ever – here’s how it broke down for me:
    For starters, every Thursday we do a different food theme and this week it was “bars” – we had a Taco Bar where everyone got to make their own Tacos and an Ice Cream Sundae bar where I decided it was a great idea to eat too many flavors at once!

    Bless the powers of DVR downstairs and TiVo upstairs:

    8:20 – Ugly Betty
    9:00 – The War At Home (because Colleen likes it and she was home for the party last night)
    9:20 – Grey’s Anatomy
    10:00 – The OC
    10:45 – Men in Trees
    11:35 – The Office, then Scrubs

    I couldn’t force myself to stay up for 30 Rock – I’ll watch it tomorrow. And thank God Shark was a rerun or I would have been forced to stay up until 2AM!

    PS – TCGC:

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns in June with all new episodes (the first one, tentatively titled “Dennis Gets a Puppy” – at least that’s the word on the street from Kaitlin Olsen – Sweet Dee). Expect Season 1 DVDs by the end of May, at least that’s what I’ve heard!! Are you as excited as I am for Season 3???

  • OMG Amrie, I can’t wait.