Ask DEGRASSI’S Ryan Cooley a Question

ryan cooleyYou asked for it, theTVaddict delivered! (Yes, frankly I’m as surprised as anyone). But that said, will be interviewing DEGRASSI’S RYAN COOLEY this evening at 4PM (eastern standard time). So post away with all your JT Yorke/Ryan Cooley questions and I’ll do my absolute best to get them answered for you.

[Update] theTVaddict just finished his interview with Ryan Cooley. Check back early next week, either Tuesday or Wednesday for the completed interview! Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to write a question!

[Update 2] The interview is now posted, click here to check it out!

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  • nathan

    why did you have to leave degrassi? yo were my favorite character on degrassi! you inspired me to become an actor. i hope you are on another tv show soon. this is from lashun martez orear jr.

  • Damonparrish13

    why did u get killed on degrassi

  • Madelyn Nikole Atkinson

    Ryan Your awesome your the man i wish you did u have to die in Degrassi. i have one question how did you get discovered i've been wanting to get discovered for ever!!! S.O.S

  • andrea

    why would u leave dagrassi??ur the cutest in the show

  • Philip

    On the show Degrassi did the directors ask you if you cared about passing away in the show or did u want to cause you got tired of the show

  • diva1034

    hi even if your off the show i dont think you should have got stabbbed couldnt you just moved oh and do you think youd be single around 2012 just asking bbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee!!!!

  • lashun orear actor

    why did you have to quit degrassi. why? you were the best character on degrassi.


    do you miss degrassi ?
    i havent been keeping up lately so…

    have you been in any shows latley sence degrassi?
    JUST WONDERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    NO I MISS THE CAST !!!!!!

  • Underhill-98

    ryan why did you say yes to letting you die on degrassi i mean didn't you want to keep doing the show

  • hails

    Ryan look, theres been a marithon or somethin on for deggrassi i watched every episode……no joke when your charector died my heart was racing an i cryed……but ever scence you died and the other ppl wen to colage i cant watch it anymore……and when i saw liberty's brother and friend fighting over the mascot hat THAT U HELD in the of the show or whatever it made me 2 upset to not EVER c u on deggrasi anymore. cuz i meen u cant just come back on the show ur dead…OR MAYBE! there could be an alternit ending(problly spelt that all rong) but u no differant ending so i would watch deggrasi again!!!!!!!!!plz plz plz!

  • HAY!

    srry gave the rong email now i gota do it over again so here it goes……….so theres like a marithon or something on tv so ive seen you in them and every episode ive been loving u even more and more……so no joke but when you charector JT died i was crying it was like a family member or a cute puppy dieing. then i was crying even harder when they played movie clips of your charector and everything……..i new that u couldent come back on cause i meen u died….OR MAYBE YOU COULD i meen you could do an alternit ending(probelly spelt all that rong!) but i mean i could be like you were saved you ALMOST died but u DIDNT….. and ever scence your charector JT died and the other caharectors went to colege i cant watch deggrasi anymore…and when thay show all the charectors and everything it was so sad when thay replaced u with libertys bro and friend fighting over the mascot hat that U HAD……but ya i cant watch it anymore!

  • Keanna_hunt

    did you want to leave degrassi and if so y

  • cheesezinga

    Can you PLEASE ask Bernadette to shave or wax her mustache it's really gross!!!

  • saira

    Im Hearing Rumors That Your Coming Back To Degrassi
    Is It True?
    I HOPE IT IS!!!
    I Love Jt Because He Was The Guy Who Loves Being Him Self
    <3 You

  • Stephiisooamazin

    who is ryan cooley dating in real life , they say hegoing out with mariam mcdonalds so i want to know if it true or no , also if it is true you guys make a cute couple

  • Ggggf

    oki, so u rrlly attractive,
    and i dont think yu shouldve left the show,
    i understand that you needed to go to college or university,
    but you couldve moved away,
    that episode made me honestly cry. :'(

  • jayj

    i love u on degrassi i didnt see why u had to leave
    anyways are u go to be in other shows, movies

  • Virginia

    Omg u were my all time favorite person on degrassi and why did u leave Degrassi ???? cuz u were the cutest person on degrassi i almost cried it waz so sad:-(

  • Sanyachauhan37

    i love ryan his is so cute and funny y did he hav 2 leave degrassi

  • B Kpuinen

    i love jt but why did he had to leave

  • mathilde

    é til sorti avec miriam

    oui nn

    si oui il forment un bo couple

    si nn c dommage

  • Shadow

    im soooo sad j.t dies i think his awesome i cried when i heard he dies

  • Toridegrassilover

    i know its been like almost 3 and a half years since he left… but there is a degrassi marathon on for a whole month and i cant get him out of my head! I miss and love Ryan soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! Hope i can see him acting a lot more!!

  • Tiffany

    Umm how old were you when you started to work at degrassi??

    how old are you??

    did you went to a real middle school n high skool??

    did you went out with any of your co-workers thingy??

  • piglet452

    hey ryan
    why did you go? degrassi needs you back?please go back please please? i have been a fan the frist day it came to teennick i love you in degrassi you and liberty were cute together and i saw the baby i think it looks a little like you go back i also think they didn have to kill you cause what if you wanted to came back to degrassi and what about liberty and the baby they need you so why did you ever leave please take your job back degrassi does need you back well please come back to degrassi

  • sierra

    hi im your biggest fan even when your like 30 i’ll still know you as jt on degrassi i wanted to know if you believed in god

  • sierra

    hi im your biggest fan even when your like 30 i’ll still know you as jt on degrassi i wanted to know if you believed in god

  • Asaada Boyd

    hey rayn cooley your so cool is it ture about you having a baby by liberty i know someone die but i did not know it was you bcaues i did not see the one when you was little i really like you but some of the people think your cute and ugly but i do not watch degrass like that becaues it is not good i raelly hope you raed this manny is not your kind and the on with the baby she is not for you go out with liberty she is very pretty and if you go back and see the gang tell them a RAELLY BIG FAN LIKES ALL OF THEM

  • Dlsnyder

    why did jt get killed off?
    would he date liberty in real life??

  • Dawn

    are u the only charictor that gets killed offf eneyway im a huge fan of u and why did u leave the show