Thursday Night TV Thoughts

As hard as I tried, as dedicated — sorry addicted as I am, I simply didn’t have the strength and stamina to get through an entire night of Thursday television. Like the marathoner who collapses right before the finish line, I had to summon every last inch of strength to get through the night and complete over six hours of television watching. I started off with THE OC (loved it), headed into UGLY BETTY (Sophia better be fired), moved onto GREY’S ANATOMY (Give T.R. Knight an Emmy), followed with THE OFFICE (I love Dwight), headed on to SCRUBS (Carla lost it, WOW) and finished off the knight with 30 ROCK (Where’s my Meat Machine™?). SMALLVILLE and Tori Spelling, I tried my best — but rest assured, you’re stored on my PVR and will be watched this weekend.

To conserve some energy and build up strength for next Thursday, the following our my Cole’s/Cliff’s notes version of my thoughts:

THE OC: While it’s slightly odd that THE OC has evolved into the Taylor show, she does do a killer French accent. Julie is foiled again, I wonder how she’ll redeem herself? Summer/Pancakes/Seth — adorable. One thing confuses me though, did they break up? Or are they on a ‘break’?

UGLY BETTY: For all her brains and beauty, Sophia really isn’t that smart. Publicly humiliating your bosses son doesn’t seem like the way to make it to the top. Sure your magazine launch is a huge success, but if I were boss, the closest you’d be getting to issue #2 is when you’re forced to buy it on the newstand while waiting in line in the unemployment line.

GREY’S ANATOMY: T.R. Knight gave his finest performance yet on last night’s edition of GREY’S. His scene with Meredith outside the hospital room was heartbreaking. Izzie finally deposits her inheritance — it’s about time. Obviously she’s going to want to donate to that poor girl with the spinal problem. My theory, in order to avoid getting to connected to every needy patient, Izzie will donate the money to the hospital and create the ‘Denny Wing’. Finally, can’t talk GREY’S without mentioning Seattle Grace’s hottest new couple (to be) — Addison and Alex. Can’t wait to see the inevitable fistfight between McSteamy and Alex.

THE OFFICE: Last night was all about Dwight, but in a good way. Firstly, as somewhat insane as he is, I love how the writers actually make him good at his job. The phone ploy he pulled with Jim was quite clever and at least give us viewers a plausible reason as to how Dunder Mifflin actually stays in business. Dwight also stayed trued to himself by protecting Angela’s honor, and quitting (gasp!) Dunder Mifflin. Perhaps I missed it, but how on earth did NBC not over-hype this completely with endless “Someone is quitting THE OFFICE” promos all week long?

SCRUBS: For six years Carla was the character who was always in control. Seeing Carla actually admit defeat was quite shocking — especially listening to her conversation with Jordan. Serious props goes to SCRUBS for once again handling the delicate subject of postpartum depression with such realism and dignity. Also, I love how Jordan is portrayed as this Godzilla-like pregnant woman (As she stomps down the hallways of Sacred Heart with “Isn’t She Lovely…” playing in the background). Talk about serious therapy for Jordan’s real-life husband Bill Lawrence!

30 ROCK: Last night’s episode of 30 ROCK was no doubt the series best to date. I would pay anything to watch Jenna’s film “Rural Juror”. More then that, two hilarious cameos by Whoopie Goldberg, and another hilarious performance by Alec Baldwin. This show keeps getting better and better. All that’s left is for NBC/Universal/Ge to actually start producing those Meat Machines™ (Knowing NBC marketing, no doubt plans are already in the work!)