What’s Paula On?

How many more times will Paula crash and burn on camera before the AMERICAN IDOL producers finally get their act together and kick Paula off the show? The clip above from a Seattle morning show is one of those you’ve got to see it to believe it clips. Watch as Paula’s career continues to go down in flames!

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  • Jenny

    Wow oh wow. I wonder if it’s a health thing. Almost like she’s had a stroke or something, cause she can’t control her body and speech. Geez.

  • Sam

    Oh god. You know, honestly, I don’t think it’s drugs (of the illegal kind). I think maybe it’s a health thing as well. Or at the very least something dealing with abusing perscription drugs. Why would she screw up a good thing for her like AI? Then again, we’ve watched people like Whitney Houston and Britney Spears screw their careers up as well so I guess the mysteries of the universe will continue to baffle me.

  • tcgc

    It must be a chemical imbalance.

  • Tim

    Not nearly as bad as it has been hyped up to be.

  • becky

    Wow, she is really off her rocker, or drunk as a skunk. Thats amazing they let her on air!

  • The thing is this: While nobody at Idol is going to say it aloud, they’re probably thrilled by this kind of thing. Let’s face it: Tuning in to watch Paula for signs of drug abuse or being drunk or health problems is something that gets people to, well, tune in… and talk. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and Paula may well be proving that. But you have to wonder why her PR people don’t try and control the situation…

  • Tim

    She appears to be drunk or on prescription drugs. Maybe she’s trying out for her own role in a “valley of the dolls ” remake ala Patty Duke. lol Also, seriously, we don’t know Paula. She could have health or medical issues we don’t know about and she doesn’t want to talk about. Only time will tell. tim