An UGLY BETTY Double Take!

becki newton ugly betty

Entertainment Weekly swears (after a confirmation from an ABC rep) that UGLY BETTY’S Becki Newton played a dual role in Thursday’s episode. Not only was she her usual fabulous self as Betty’s nemesis Amanda, but also played the nerdy (glasses wearing!) braceface Ruthie on last week’s episode. Talk about a transformation! This TV addict had no idea. More importantly it got me thinking. If Amanda is this good at disguises, how do we know she doesn’t really work for SD-6 and her work at Mode Magazine is simply a cover? I haven’t seen such good acting since the early days of Sydney Bristow.

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  • Tim

    OH my, did not see that one. Kudos for keeping a secret. lol I loved it when Amanda was behind Salma in the elevator toward the end of the episode and we were left knowing Amanda was going to open a can of “whoop” ass on her. lol tim

  • JennyC

    Wow!!! Thanks for that tidbit of info. I would never have guessed it in a million years. That was a great episode btw. I can’t wait to see what will come in the next few weeks!

  • Liz

    She’s also in an old Olive Garden commercial.

  • You didn’t pick up that was her? I knew as soon as I saw her in the commercials for this week’s ep. Liz is right, they’ve also started to reair the Olive Garden commercial she did a couple of years ago.

  • tdot

    LIZ ,haha i saw her in that old olive garden commercial…
    I new it was her the second she was on screen, i think it was kinda cool that they did that.
    Is there a preview for next weeks episode!

  • Tim… You’re just one of those people aren’t you. I bet you knew that [spoiler alert!] Bruce Willis was already dead in the Sixth Sense as well! 🙂

  • Tim

    Hey tvaddict, I thought little kid was dead and Bruce Willis was alive. lol =) I didn’t see it. Until u pointed it out. Didn’t think about it, though I kept thinking there was something about that girl in Betty Mode. lol Tim

  • Wait, which Tim? Cause the Sixth Sense totally floored me. 😛

    But yea, Becki Newton is amazing. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say she and Michael Urie are the new Karen Walker & Jack McFarlane. They both better be nominated come Emmy season.

  • Oh, and how great would it be for them to bring Ruthie back later this season and have her and Amanda be twins? That’s like something straight out of a Telenovela! 😛

  • Tim

    What if Amanda is playing the twin in an attempt to get to Betty’s boss? Just a thought. Tim

  • David

    Wow. I was actually quite amazed that she is the same person in the Specs.

    That is one hell of a transformation. She is HOT!

  • marinka

    I did see it, it’s really weird seeing her like this nerd version! 😛
    I do think people with glasses are almost always seen as a perfect nerd.. but alright these glasses Becki is wearing they are really…. not pretty 😉

  • James

    I saw it and i thought it looked ALOT like Amanda, but i wasn’t 100% sure! Now that i’ve seen this, i am 100% sure that she was!

  • michael boyle

    becki as a nerd could pass for a male. girls tell me i should dress girly. i love wear very short minis and padding my fanny.