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Twin Peaks Returns!
All those who said that TWIN PEAKS was a show ahead of its time may well get the chance to prove themselves right when a new network, Chiller, launches this March with reruns of the cult series as one of the featured offerings. Other programs to be shown will include ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS and FRIDAY THE 13th as well as a slate of movies such as The Shining and The Birds. “Horror is one of the most reliably successful genres in entertainment today,” explains Jeff Gaspin, President, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, Digital Contest and Cross-Network Strategy. “Chiller seems like a well-timed addition to our portfolio.” We hesitate to suggest that the horror boom may have crested several years ago, but as fans of the genre, look forward to the network’s launch. Already on board with the project is Direct-TV, giving the channel a significant platform upon which to build.

Still More Survivors!
Apparently determined to drive the franchise into the ground, CBS has announced that the latest edition of SURVIVOR will launch on Thursday, February 8. This time, 19 strangers will be stranded in the Fiji islands. Should anyone out there still be interested in this increasingly tired social experiment — which this time around does not seem to be making even the vaguest attempt at re-invention, as it did last season by playing the race card — you can head on over to cbs.com for a peek at the nearly hottie-less cast.

Springer Secrets Revealed!
You almost have to love a show which proudly proclaims that it was once named “The Worst Show On The Planet.” Almost. Now, for those who can’t get enough of Jerry Springer and his daily sleezefest, VH1 is preparing a show called THE SPRINGER HUSTLE which will take viewers behind the scenes. For every person who has ever thought to themselves, “Where do they find these freaks?”, this is the show for you! The eight-episode, 30-minute series — debuting at 10 p.m. E/T on Sunday, March 4 — focuses on “the dedicated team of producers in the eye of the Springer hurricane.” Apparently, scouring trailer parks for men who’ve slept with both their wife’s best friend and their first cousins isn’t nearly as easy or glamorous as one might expect!

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  • tdot

    im stoked for survovor fiji, I guess ill watch survovor until it dies…

  • I have to disagree a little about Survivor.

    Last season, Cook Islands, was one of the best seasons, probably just as good if not better than Pearl Islands and All-Stars (both of those seasons having the fan favorite Rupert). Cook Islands had some of the best overall casting, the best & most honorable & likable alliance (Yul/Becky/Ozzie/Sundra), elaborate challenges, one of the best challenge competitors (Ozzie), one of the best strategists (Yul), and some of the most interesting twists, social setups, interpersonal relationships, and unexpected moments. If I remember correctly, the season or two right before that weren’t that great. Sometimes you get a good season; sometimes you don’t.

    I’ve heard that the social twist this coming season focuses on luxury and social status, as the cast comes from a wide variety of financial backgrounds, and the two tribes will have a wide gap in supplies & accommodations. Another twist is that there are two hidden immunity idols, one at each camp, and that all you get at exile island are the clues to finding the idol once you’re back at camp.

    I went to cbs.com to check out the cast of the coming season. While they may not be intentionally “playing the race card” in terms of tribal divisions, this cast seems to be nearly as diverse as last season, if not more so. Skimming through the bios, it sounds like several of the Asian-Americans and Latinos were actually born in the foreign country from which they have their heritage. In Cook Islands, I got the sense that most of the non-caucasian players were still born in America (may be wrong about that).

    Also, it’s not totally hottie-less. Jessica deBen looks pretty hot. Stacy Kimball and Michelle Yi also look pretty good.

    I may have to check out more of the cast videos, but I had to check out the one for Andre (“Dre”) Herd, since he’s a fellow North Carolinian. While he may not be the most articulate guy in the world, he seems confident, likable, and hopefully as capable as he claims. As long as he doesn’t do anything to annoy or disappoint, I automatically have someone to root for.