Introducing the Newest DREAMGIRL!

theTVaddict here with yet another Theatre related post! Introducing the newest DREAMGIRL — Jake Gylenhaal. Last night on SNL, Gylenhaal opened with a really funny sketch poking fun of his career with regards to, what else — BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Serious kudos to Gyllenhall for showing fans that he actually has a sense of humour about his career. If there’s one thing this TV addict can’t stand, are actors who take their work too seriously — yes, you heard me Sean Penn.

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  • Oh Jake Gyllenhaal. I thought he was pretty good in that monologue with the singing (who knew!!). He looked fantastic in the sequined dress, too 🙂

  • Common Sense

    Sorry, dude, that opening was not funny (except the first look at those two gay cowboys). Update was painful. The Trump impersonator does always make me smile, and he portrayed the psychotic bankruptcy king well. Donald truly is a D*ck in a Box.

    All of those “talk-show” sketches, like with the Kal & those two girls….sheesh, I could write funnier stuff for my basement productions. This writing team really needs to tune in The Office and Mad TV to see what passes for “funny” these days.

  • Ash

    I didn’t think the monologue was funny so much as it was pretty good singing. If you wanted to see any of the skits from last night (I recommend Deep House Dish), you can go here to download them.

  • La Chuy

    Jake is gorgeous, witty and a smart guy for his willingness to enjoy a new fan base that adores him. Those arms! Also, loved his great ass in Jarhead. And I’m a lesbian!
    Love you Jake. Not to be missed in Donnie Darko either.