More Monday TV Tidbits: FRIENDS Reunion, More SCRUBS

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Turns out when they sang ‘I’ll be there for you…’ Jennifer Aniston really meant it. According to reports leaking from the January Television Critics Association Press Tour, the former Mrs. Pitt will guest star on the March 27 season finale of Courtney Cox’s new FX drama DIRT. The two haven’t worked together since FRIENDS ended in May of 2004. Aniston will play Tina Harrod, a tabloid editor and competitor of Lucy Spiller (Courtney Cox).

Television’s most heartwarming and entertaining comedy will most likely be returning for a seventh (and final!) season. According to creator Bill Lawrence, should NBC pass on bringing the show back, it will find a home at Touchstone’s corporate cousin, ABC. “Since every produced episode makes a ton of money for Touchstone,” Lawrence says, “they told us not to write a finale for this year.” Continues Lawrence, “We’ve essentially been told that NBC is really happy with how we are doing. I would say it’s better than a coin flip we are back on NBC.” Lawrence also says that the show would not continue without star Zach Braff, but he “feels pretty good” that Braff is on board for a seventh and final season.

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  • tdot

    Sweet, i think im the only person here who watchres Dirt , but im all for the Aniston role…gonna be awesome!!!

  • maritn

    they should reunite on a friends show not on dirt. but it still going to be god to see them working together again.