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11:00PM: Babel.. best picture! WOW, didn’t expect that. 11:02… it was a long night. Thanks so much to everyone who took part in the live blog tonight — namely Vance, Todd, Tim, Tcgc, Liz, Jennifer, mars_mg, mg714! Have a great night everyone.

10:43PM: GREY’S ANATOMY! Amazing!!! Hmmmm…. Was Isaiah Washington on stage? Interesting….

10:37PM: DREAMGIRLS! Woo-Hoo!!!

10:36PM: Why is Dane Cook at the Golden Globes???

10:28PM: BORAT — that is awesome. Congrats to Sasha Baron Cohen for an amazing performance. Well deserved. It’s nice to actually see Sasha talk… British accent… so strange.

10:25PM: Martin Scorsese, it’s about time!

10:10PM: Lifetime acheivment to Warren Beatty. So Long and Boring.

9:53PM: LOW POINT OF THE SHOW. Woman interviewing America Ferrara, what an embarassment, worst questions ever!!!! She should be fired…

9:48PM: Best Actress in a comedy….. America Ferrera I can’t believe that she won. I love how she gets a standing O for playing ‘Ugly!’ She’s so articulate, and real… America is awesome.

9:38PM: Clint Eastwood, the guy walks into a room and gets a standing Ovation.

9:30PM: Best TV Comedy… UGLY BETTY Not to toot my own horn, but I picked it! Such a happy cast, that is awesome.

9:27PM: Half way point of the award show…. no water cooler moment yet…. We need Christine Lahti to get stuck in a bathroom or something.

9:21PM: Best Actor in a TV series…. it’s about time. Great category. As I’ve said before, as long as Tony Shaloub doesn’t win I’m happy……. and it goes to… ALEC BALDWIN! Cue to Zach Braff…. nice fake smile. Nice speech Alec, you do indeed Rock 30 Rock!

9:20PM: Motion Picture Screenplay awards…. and snoore…. bring on more TV awards.

9:17PM: Cameron Diaz… what are you wearing? Seriously…. are you taking fashion tips for Bjork!

9:11PM: Helen Mirren, that’s a pretty racy dress for a 70 year old!

9:01PM: Has Eddie Murphy ever won anything aside from a Blockbuster Video Award? Congrats to Eddie, it was an amazing performance (DREAMGIRLS).

9:00PM: Does Brat Pitt sleep in a cryogenic chamber?

8:57PM: Everybody loves Helen Mirren. Elizabeth I will win for sure. And the GG goes to Elizabeth I.

8:56PM: Borat… I’m shocked he didn’t come in character.

8:48PM: Annette Bening.. did she just get out of bed?

8:46PM: Meryl Streep, not at all a surprise! She’s so gracious, classy and unpretentious….. she does indeed rock. Speech… groan……. okay, it’s Meryl Streep, she can do whatever she wants.

8:42PM: Steve Carell, What does the blue puzzle piece mean? HAPPY FEET, WORST MOVIE EVER! (says Thors and theTVaddict)

8:40PM: Charlie Sheen has a woman’s haircut (says Robin)

8:34PM: Are there no time limits on speechs? What is the deal with HILARY SWANK, not a fan. Is that LINDSEY LOHAN drinking ‘water’ in the background?

8:31PM: MILO HAS NO BANGS.. but his joke fell flat! MICHAEL C HALL deserves this so much. But it’s a great category. HUGH LAURIE!!!!! WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT…… It was so not his year. MICHAEL C HALL WAS ROBBED. I guess it helps to be foreign to win a Golden Globe voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press.

8:27PM: Jessica Beil, holy working out. Check out those arms. Best Supporting Actres, Mini-series, TV… and the GG goes to: EMILY BLUNT No, she’s not related to James Blunt!


8:24PM: Question: What’s worse: Introducing the nominees for best sound, or introducing a movie? BABEL…. sounds boring.

8:15PM: If Patricia Arquette wins, I’m packing it in. Kyra Sedwick WINS! Lauren is happy, she LOVES THE CLOSER. Does she remember to thank Kevin Bacon (her husband). KEVIN GETS A THANK YOU, Happiest couple ever….. (it used to be justin and cameron!)

8:13PM: HIRO HIRO HIRO (my pick!)… Jeremy Irons WINS his 800th Golden Globe. Cut to music, this speach blows.

8:11PM: Ms. Golden Globe, what a whore. She’s old enough to be Jack Nicolson’s wife! (says Ari!)

8:07PM: Akward moment, Justin on stage. Cut to Kelly.. I mean Cameron

8:04PM: Cut to Beyonce, fake tears… a community… of rich white people!

8:01PM: Solo Cameron Diaz, Solo Justin… so sad! George Clooney.. best supporting actress, movie…. J HUDSON, it’s your night for sure. JENNIFER HUDSON, not even that surprised to win, a little disappointing. WOW! America Ferrera, looks awesome, not at all ugly!

8:00PM: Cheesy opening. DREAMGIRLS, good choice. As much as we love DREAMGIRLS, we’re disappointed it’s not a Lou Vega hit!

7:47PM: So Ari’s picking up LICKS for everyone — just because I know you’re all dying to?+l know what I’m wolfing down as I watch the GG’s (best burgers ever, in case you don’t live in Toronto Canada). T-minus 13 minutes to go…. just killing time by re-watching last night’s BROTHERS & SISTERS — Such a great episode by the way. Surprised Jason Lewis is so into playing Kevin’s closeted boyfriend. When he was in Toronto for a play a few summers back (THIS IS OUR YOUTH), he wouldn’t do any of the ‘Gay’ Press (as he put it!). Apparently, he wasn’t a fan of the enormous Gay Fanclub he generated from SEX AND THE CITY. I guess his career was going down the tubes so he decided to suck it up and join BROTHERS SISTERS!

7:00PM: T-minus one hour until the start of the GOLDEN GLOBES! More importantly, t-minus thirty minutes until the inevitable argument breaks out over what to order in while watching the GG’s!

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  • I kinda like Vanessa’s hair. Pan’s Labyrith is a little overated… maybe. I keep changing my mind on it (though I liked Volver more).

    Oh yey! America!!!

  • Awww, America Ferrera is so adorable. She had everyone else crying in the audience too. 🙂

  • AMERICA! I LOVE HER! She’s just sweet. 🙂

  • America Ferrera !!! Sweet !!!

    I think she’s the most real woman there. Dang, her speech almost made me tear up. (I’m keeping my man card.)

  • Agreed… America Rocks.

  • I welled up a bit, too. she’s wonderful.

  • Liz

    Maria Menounos, worst interviewer EVER. I’m ashamed to say she’s from Massachusetts.

  • Liz

    Maria Menounos, worst interviewer EVER. She had America Ferrara right there, right after winning, and she asked THAT?!? I’m ashamed to say she’s from Massachusetts.

    Vanessa Williams: Girl got a bad weave.
    America’s dress: Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Liz – Maria was horrible……. an embarassment. That was a water cooler moment….. Loves how adorable America was.. she was waiting for Maria to interview her.. only to be thrown the most idiotic questions.

  • didn’t love Borat but SBC really was great and that speech was hilarious!

  • Borat was really funny, albeit a tad over-rated. Funny speech though.

  • mg714

    This is completely non-GG awards related, but I just wanted to say that it’s too bad NBC isn’t taking advantage of the huge amount of viewers watching the show by not advertising Friday Night Lights. At least when I’ve been watching, I haven’t seen any big promos for it – this show needs more viewers!

    Okay – back to the awards. I am disappointed that both Steve Carell and The Office did not win, but the GGs do usually award the currently buzzworthy performances – like Alec Baldwin, America Ferrera/Ugly Betty. We still have the SAG awards!

  • Man, Dreamgirls was ok… but it was no Chicago.

    Little Miss Sunshine or Devil Wears Prada should have won.

    SOOO happy Grey’s finally won.

  • Tim, was I. Washington on stage?

  • Jennifer

    Fire Maria Menounos! so bad……..I agree that Vanessa Williams’ hair looked strange…….perhaps she is preparing for a movie version of the broadway hit ‘cats’? Also, as a general yet completely unrelated comment, Phillip Seymour Hoffman is the best of all three named actors!

  • Helen Mirren ought to play all royal figures from now on. 😉

    Isn’t it weird how they save some of the biggest awards until the last hour, but by then, they’re so rushed, you don’t have as much time to savor the wins, presenters rushed through nomination listings and winners rushed through speeches? I think the Tom Hanks & Warren Beatty portions took up a fourth of the whole show.

  • The Office is a better show but Im still very happy Ugly Betty won. Plus Grey’s too . Man. ABC is winning big! Plus Steve Carrell won last year so Im okay with sharing the wealth and Alec Baldwin really is the best thing of 30 Rock.

    Yeah, Dreamgirls was a given even though I liked Devil more. If not, Thank You for Smoking or Little Miss sunshine but at least not Borat (my overated movie of the year).

  • On a side note. Does anybody else think Dane Cook is WAY overated and only successful cause he basically looks like Colby Donaldson from Survivor Australia telling jokes in a funny voice?(read: good looking).

  • Somebody get Forest Whitaker some oxygen and a glass of water. 😉

  • Vance, while I do think Dane was funny two years ago, now he’s far too overrated and definitely worth the hype. It never occured to be till you said it, but yeah he’s totally Colby’s long lost twin. Having him present at the GG’s is just a shameless attempt to grab the younger demo — who aren’t watching the show anyways…. mabye a few clips on YouTube.

  • I didn’t see any of the movies up for best drama, but considering the hype, I would have thought it’d be The Queen. Babel is a bit of a surprise. Did anyone else see it?

  • I only saw THE DEPARTED, which I absolutely loved. I hear the QUEEN is amazing…

  • I know I should probably know this, being a TV addict and all.. but was anything new on CBS tonight? I know HIMYM was a repeat, but I’m not sure about everything else?

  • mg714

    Thanks for live blogging the awards tonight tvaddict! Awards season is always fun and I’m glad to have fellow tvaddicts to chat with about it!

  • Liz

    Dan and Ari, please watch the ORIGINAL movie Martin Scorsese and that playwriter stole The Departed from. It stars Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang, Kelly Chen, and Sammi Cheng, all famous Hong Kong actors and actresses. The movie title is “Infernal Affairs”, a title that alludes to both Dante’s Inferno and the ultimate hell possible in Buddhism.

    In my opinion the effects and acting are much better in the Chinese original, it’s a lot more suspenseful, and much more thought provoking. I respect Scorsese’s work but it’s sad the Chinese actors and directors do not get more attention to their work.

  • andi

    By the way there’s a Lick’s in Ottawa too…. Their fries have to be eaten with spicy Guk sauce, if you haven’t tried it you should. Also if you’re in Ottawa or Toronto you can buy Lick’s products at the grocery store. Now you have me craving Lick’sand wishing I had bought some when I was near one!

  • tdot

    omg POOR Maria Menounos wow, that was bad. props to her though for being greek just like me…

  • OMG Liz, I completely agree with you. I watched Infernal Affairs first; and then watched The Departed. I tried to control it; but I can’t help but compare the original to the adaptation. The execution is so much better, in my opinion. And talk about the opening! The actors? Awesome. A true HK classic.
    Even though they weren’t given that much credit in the movie itself, I’m happy they were mentioned by Cameron Diaz in her introduction and by Scorsese in his speech.

  • ^Cameron made a mistake, though, calling it Internal Affairs… at least that’s what i heard.

  • tcgc

    Babel is actually a brilliant movie. A little long, but it sends a pretty strong message and it’s not all about brad pitt which is a good thing.

  • tcgc

    The Queen was great as well.

  • i have yet to check out babel. i’ll watch it pretty soon. the queen… i really want to watch. i only found out through the gg that it’s set during Princess Di’s death. interesting…

  • The Great Unwashed Masses

    Thank god we don’t have to watch this popus dirge again this year. This is not news. Now if we could only get the rest of the awards shows off the air we’d all be better off. Good riddance, get a life.

  • pjmk

    Did some one actually write for the previous Golden Globe shows? The intros, small talk, forced humor, and dialogue? If that’s the case then there has been 65 years of writers being paid for celebrities mispronouncing names and little else. You took the fun, the freedom and the spirit out of the show. We pay the celebrities to show up and “perform.” Dog and pony shows need no writers and they need no cue card clichés.

    The writers will not make up the money they have already lost for years to come regardless of the resolution. And the guttless “starts” need to remember that they serve at the public’s discretion. Grow a backbone, or at least open a dictionary and learn to speak for yourself.

    Chicago Critic

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