[Needless to say, this post contains spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the premiere, stop reading now!]

jack bauer 24How was that for non-stop edge-of-your-seat-jaw-dropping-excitement? Bet you didn’t see that end coming! I certainly didn’t, but when you think about it — it makes total sense. Jack’s been through five really (really) horrible days. Why on earth would he once again return to CTU and risk his life for a country that’s put him in harms way on countless occasions. Finally detonating a nuclear bomb — after numerous ‘almost detonations’ raised the stakes — giving Jack (and us as viewers) no choice but to come back for another day.

Which naturally begs the question, with 24 off to such a fantastic start, and the return of freshman hit HEROES, what show will you be watching come 9PM on Monday?

Missed the first four hours, you can downlad them on iTunes by clicking here.

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  • I’m definitely going to be watching 24 live and watching Heroes on the DVR!

    I’m happy to say that living the Spoiler-Free life was exactly what I needed to watch this four-hour premiere! I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen and it made for an awesome edge-of-your-seat-reaction to everything!

  • I am calling it now – Jack Bauer does not live to see Day 7. I think this is the year that the final ‘oh no they didn’t!’ is actually pulled off.

    I got a dual tuner TiVo just because of 24 and Heroes. 24 is my favorite show on television, but Heroes is all sorts of wonderful. Thankfully technology solved that heartbreaking choice for me!

    And I have also been spoiler free all season long for the first time since the end of Buffy, Season 2. That show drove me into a spoiler whoredom that was just not pretty. And I finally got clean this year.

  • JennyC

    I agree with Amrie. ’24’ is the only show in which I don’t mind the commercial breaks. The story is that great that I have to converse about the show during the commercial breaks. However, for ‘Heroes,’ I prefer watching it without breaks as well as ‘Lost’ and ‘Ugly Betty.’

  • ||TheTVAddictAddict||

    I thought the first 2 ep’s on Sunday were better than last night. With that said, I did enjoy last nights episodes as well. My only real problem with the show currently (and especially the end of last season) was it’s EXTREME utilization of suspension of disbelief. If Jack was that close to the bomb, he would have been toast (literally).

  • Dear TVAddictAddict,

    Okay, two words that should never be in the same sentence…. ’24’ and ‘realistm’

    I’ve spent a bit of time in LA, and just to drive from point A to point B takes a minumum 30 minutes… so unless you want Jack sitting in traffic for episode on end — you probably want to continue to suspend your disbelief!

  • Sam

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked that question in the past week. I will be doing like Simply Simberly myself thanks to the two dual tuning Tivo’s we have in our household. Now my only decision is picking which one gets higher priority.

  • Linda B.

    I’m not home on Monday nights this spring (Advanced Java class) so i will have to tivo both. I’ll also be tivoing The Class on my other tivo. i love that show.