TV Addict Scoop: PASSIONS Cancelled

Although not yet confirmed by the network, several sources are reporting that tomorrow, NBC will announce the cancellation of it’s long-struggling soap PASSIONS. Rumors of this possibility began circulating last week, when NBC officials confirmed that soon they would be offering up a fourth hour of TODAY. The show debuted on July 5 of 1999, immediately registering on the pop-culture radar with it’s odd mix of classic soap elements and more unusual touches, such as a 300-year-old witch who turned her doll into a living boy. In the years since, PASSIONS has featured other bizzare storylines including a man-lovin’ mermaid, a teenage zombie and a power-mad faux monk. (Don’t ask… you had to be there.) Over the past few years, many fans felt frustrated by the show’s seeming refusal to give any of their couples a shot at happiness while critics consistently took the show to task for hiring thesbians who seemed better suited for half-naked modeling than acting… which seemed almost appropriate, given the amount of time — high even by soap standards — that most male cast members spent shirtless. Despite these flaws and a pace that veers wildly between glacial and breakneck, PASSIONS has often proven both bold and refreshing, willing to take chances that other daytime dramas wouldn’t dare. More importantly, it’s disheartening for fans of the genre to see yet another daytime drama bite the dust… especially given how unlikely it is that NBC will opt to launch a new soap any time soon. After all, why take the chance on original programming when you can air yet another hour of your already-stretched-thin morning-show franchise… right? As they say in soaps, stay tuned for news on whether or not the show will be given time to write a happy ending for Theresa, Ethan and the rest of the Harmony residents.

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  • Sam

    I’m not sure I understand this, though. In my are, The Today Show is over long before Passions airs. How would adding an extra hour to the show affect it getting taken off the air? I guess I’m not understanding the programming conflict is all.

  • Mr. Brightside

    Sam, its all about how much time NBC is giving to their affiliates. For the additional Today hour in the morning, the affiliates lose one hour of syndicated programming which they value. So now they’ll take that “extra” hour from the afternoon where Passions airs/aired.

    TVAddict, do you frequent the SoapOperaNetwork boards?

  • Dear Mr. Brightside,

    Thanks for dropping by the site — I’ve never been to the SoapOperaNetwork boards…. I don’t need yet another internet site to become addicted to!

  • Mr. Brightside

    That’s true, but that site is worth checking out. Apparently ABC is interested in expanding GMA (Good Morning America) meaning they’ll also be cancelling a soap.

  • Sam

    Okay, that makes sense to me now, thanks. If this does happen, I’d love to see it continue on a channel like SoapNet, but I know that isn’t realistically possible. I’ve stoppedwatching Passions in recent months so I won’t be too terribly sad to see it go.

  • Tim

    Ugly. That’s what daytime tv has become. This shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise for fans of daytime. “Passions” lost a lot of behind the scenes people last year in an effort to cut back and save money. A soap mag called to ask them a ? last year, except that the show “passions” didn’t have a p/r person. That was a death sign if I ever saw one. tim aka college virgin

  • Jenn

    Oh man, what will I watch now everyday. I am hooked on Passions. It gives me some good laughs and everyday surprises you. I love their crazy storylines. lol

  • Gracie

    What?! Passions has been my sisters and I long time addiction. I can’t believe they’re cancelling it 🙁

  • Bethany

    I think this is the best thing and i agree with NBC. When passions started, being a long time fan of days, i watched it. i thought it was ok at the beginiing but as the show went on it just got more riduculous. it got so bad that i stopped watching it. i am gald its over!

    It feels like NBC finally shot this sick and dying dog and put us all out of our misery…

  • Raquel

    I hate to see passions go I love the cast….what will i watch now…dool should be the show to go….Passions number 1 fan

  • Denisse

    this soap is just awesome, and why would TODAY need an extra hour its all ready too long. PASSIONS should not be cancelled its the only soap that i watched because it took risks and put out some topics that people could would freak out about.


  • Tasha

    I know some people don’t like passions but i thought it was awesome, that’s the only soap i could watch. Other soaps are so boring, passions has creativity and it surprises you all the time. Before it’s canceled i hope i get to see Ethan and Teresa together and married. Oh yeah i noticed that Gwen is pregnant and i guess she left the show because she’s expecting soon, does this mean she won’t come back because the shows ending soon. Theresa and Ethan might have a chance.

  • Telisha

    They really made a mistake with this one. What I love about this show is that it’s different.
    I’ve only been watching for 3 and a half years and I love that it wasn’t afraid to be different.
    An ape as a nurse and a witch being noisey and her toddler daughter getting in the way,brillant.
    Not to mention that Chad is gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad my patient watched Passions and got me hooked. I’m going to miss it,although I don’t feel the actors will have a problem getting work.
    I’d love to see Kay on the Bold and the Beautiful and Theresa as best friends of Phyllis on The
    Young and The Restless.

  • I can not believe that they are cancelling this wonderful soap. I have watched since day one and I hope that it will continue on. I will do whatever my tv takes to see that I have the proper channels. This makes me so sick to my stomach. I had physically heart pain as a result of this. I love LINDSEY HARTLEY and I hope that she gets other acting jobs. I want to see her in all kinds of movies. I would like to see the show end with at least threasa and ethan getting together. I have eight years of my life vested into this show. I would pay to watch it everyday on the internet. I hope that all of these talented actresses and actors get great jobs. They must not cancel this show. Come on ABC This is a great way to get millions of fans to love you!

  • Shevon


  • passions is my favorite soap no way is any of this ture this web site sucks its not official it will never be so get over yourselves people may love the drama and excitement.

  • I love the show. My brother got me watching a few years ago. Hope they keep it.

  • Jonathan Foley

    Passions will air on one of Allarco Entertainments brand new pay tv networks starting this October in Canada. You will need subsribe to it and it will only be aired in digital format, in my opinion it is worth bit though. The company in still in talks with satellite/cable companies.

    Save Passions is now reporting this story in full:

    Their number is 780-430-2828