Check out the highlight of last night’s GOLDEN GLOBES — America Ferrera accepting her first (of what will no doubt be many) awards for her portrayal of Betty Suarez in ABC’s freshman hit UGLY BETTY. Her honesty, emotion and class gives young girls everywhere an ideal role model. Here’s to a lot more America in 2007, and a lot less Paris.

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  • Veronica CA

    Hi! how come is this video recorded from Warner channel Latin America? I live in Latin America and I saw the Golden Globes in that channel, I didnt know you had it too, is funny…hehehe

  • JennyC

    America was so precious. She is truly worthy of the role and the award. However, I must vent on that crappy interviewer Maria Menounous or however her last name is spelled. She is an introverted psycho. Boy is she a camera hog. Get her off the job!!

  • JennyC, I couldn’t agree more. Maria Menounous was an embarassment. Who’d of thought she’d give a worse performance then her stint on ONE TREE HILL?

  • This was a highlight. Mr. Isaiah Washington, however, was definitely a low point.

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