Watch SMALLVILLE ‘Justice’ Online

smallville justice

In a move that is certain to intrigue longtime fans and attract new viewers, Yahoo! TV is now streaming an extended preview of the first act of the much hyped SMALLVILLE Justice League episode. The episode, airing tomorrow (January 18) at 8PM on the new CW depicts the genesis of a new heroic alliance. When Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley), aka the Green Arrow, sends out for reinforcements, Bart Allen (Kyle Gallner), aka Impulse; Arthur “AC” Curry (Alan Ritchson), aka Aquaman; and Victor Stone (Lee Thompson Young), aka Cyborg, return to Smallville to help Oliver take down a secret LuthorCorp laboratory. During a break-in at the facility, Bart is captured and tortured by Lex (Michael Rosenbaum), but when Clark (Tom Welling) tries to rescue Bart, he is felled by meteor rock. An alarmed Chloe (Allison Mack) asks Oliver for help, and the newly formed team springs into action.

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  • Sam

    If they really wanted to impress somebody they should’ve made that preview available last week, not the day before I can actually see the entire episode. At this point, I’d consider it pointless to go watch.

  • Sam, I couldn’t agree more. We should have seen this preview a week ago. With the show airing tomorrow, I’d rather wait and watch the entire episode in its entirety.

  • I hate the Green Arrow because he actually makes me want to watch this show. I should be a natural fit for Smallville because I love the genre. But the actors playing Clark and Lana are just so bad it makes my eyes hurt watching them.

    But if a Justice League or a Lex spinoff occurs (sans Clark) then I am all over that.

    I have to watch tonight since Kyle is on and I do love to support the VM folks. :sob: Beaver!!!

  • I missed this episode. Am I screwed? Do they replay it? I can’t seem to find this info anywhere.

  • Kelsey

    Every Sunday on the CW, they replay the episode that was on the previous Thursday at 7 o’clock. =]

  • Novashannon

    I think Welling is a wonderful Clark. I just hate that they have Lois Lane on the show.

  • NaTurE COnSerVE

    Tom Welling sucks as an actor, but i think he is OK looking. I like lois’ attitude. Lana and lex are a bad couple. REALLY.

  • Ryan

    Are you kidding me tom is a great actor and lois lane is the best on smallvillle besides lana lang, yall aint no smallville fans!!

  • moshe

    i agree with NaTurE COnSerVE that Lana and lex are a bad couple

  • Bibiana

    lois lane is the hottest female artist in smallville. Also i expected more action after this episode.